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Paying Bail for Violent Crimes

California can impose harsh penalties on anyone charged with a violent crime, even if that crime did not result in an actual injury. Under our state’s assault laws, a defendant can be sent to jail for years for a single conviction, and many people have to suffer in jail during their trial due to high bail costs.

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Types of Assault Charges in Southern California

California Penal Code 240 defines assault as “unlawfully” attempting to cause harm to another person and having the ability to do so. For example, if a bar patron threatens to or tries to punch another person, he can be charged with assault even if he did not physically harm the alleged victim. In addition, the defendant must also be physically capable of actually following through on the attempt. A defendant cannot be charged with assault if he was defending himself or others from harm, however.

Although they are often paired together, assault is different from battery. While assault is an attempt to harm someone, battery is the actual act of injuring someone else, according to Penal Code 242. Battery involves harsher penalties than assault, but assault can still lead to hefty charges if there are aggravating factors. Aggravating factors for assault can include using a deadly weapon, using a vehicle, or if the alleged victim is a protected individual like a peace officer.

Determining Bail for Assault

California has strict laws surrounding violent crimes like assault, which means a defendant can be sent to jail for months, have to pay hefty fines, and even be sent to state prison for multiple years. In addition, bail can range in the tens of thousands of dollars.

When a judge is reviewing an assault charge during a bail hearing, she will consult California’s bail schedule and look closely at any aggravating factors before making a decision. First, the judge will need to determine if the defendant is even eligible for bail. With violent crimes, the courts are concerned with maintaining public safety, which means they can deny bail in assault cases if they feel a defendant is a threat to others. However, even if you are granted bail, the judge can require a high amount depending on if:

  • The assault charge is a misdemeanor or felony.
  • You allegedly used a deadly weapon or firearm.
  • You have a prior conviction.
  • You are a flight risk, or likely to flee the state or country.

Once the judge has reviewed all factors and heard arguments from both the prosecution and defense, she will set bail. Bail can vary depending on the county in which you were arrested. At Balboa Bail Bonds, we can post bail for defendants in San Diego, Riverside, or Orange County. In these counties, bail for assault can include:

  • San Diego County: $1,000 - $100,000
  • Riverside County: $20,000
  • Orange County: $25,000

Why You Should Call a Veteran Bail Bond Agent

The consequences of an assault and battery conviction can follow you for the rest of your life. You may face a strike on your record, restrictions due to a felony conviction, and even lose the right to custody of your children. Avoiding the full impact of an assault charge requires building a strong defense – which is difficult to do from behind bars.

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Get Your Loved One Out of Jail Today

With a charge as serious as assault, defendants need to know that a bail bond agent has their back. Balboa Bail Bonds will not simply post bail and leave you high and dry until your payment is due. We believe every client deserves respect, honesty, and support during a criminal case. We are always available to discuss your case and ensure you understand your options.

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