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Assisting People Arrested in Dana Point

Anyone arrested for a crime in Dana Point is first booked by law enforcement and then taken to jail. The booking process involves fingerprinting, a photograph (mug shot), and a search for outstanding warrants. In many cases, the charges are determined, the bail amount is established, and a court date and time are set in a matter of hours. Unless the judge releases you on your own recognizance, you will need to post bail before you can get out of jail. Bail bonds in Dana Point can help expedite your release.

Where Are Defendants Jailed After an Arrest in Dana Point?

People arrested for crimes in Dana Point are taken to a holding facility for booking. When that process is complete, they are usually taken to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex. The address of this complex is 550 S. Flower St., Santa Ana, CA 92703. It contains a central men’s jail, a central women’s jail, an intake release center, and a transportation bureau. The men’s jail houses defendants temporarily, until they are released on their own recognizance, post bail, appear for arraignment, or go to trial. It also houses maximum security prisoners who have been incarcerated. Female inmates may be housed at the James A. Musick Jail in Irvine, CA, known as “The Farm.”

Where Is a Court Appearance Held for an Arrest in Dana Point?

After an arrest in Dana Point, if the prosecutor decides to press charges, your first court appearance is your arraignment in the Superior Court. The judge states the charges against you, advises you of your rights, and asks you how you plead – guilty, not guilty, or nolo contender (no contest). After that, you or your attorney will have an opportunity to arrange for your release. If the judge agrees to release you on your own recognizance, you will only need to sign a written agreement to show up for court. If you are not so fortunate, the judge may require bail.

How Is Bail Set in Orange County?

Orange County judges are concerned that you will show up for future court dates and do not present a danger to the community or a threat to witnesses or victims. When they set bail, the amount will depend on the charges you are facing. It can range from $15,000 for a more minor offense to millions for a large-scale felony offense such as drug trafficking. Judges consider a number of factors in determining bail, including:

  • The nature and severity of the crime
  • Your past criminal record
  • Your ties to the community
  • Whether you pose a danger to a witness or to society

Why Work with a Bail Bond Agent?

Even for less serious misdemeanor offenses, bail is typically thousands of dollars. For more serious crimes, it could be set at hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. If bail is set, you must pay it to be released from jail. When you work with our bail bond agent, we post a surety bond for the full amount of your bail and arrange get you out of jail as soon as possible. You pay only a 10% non-refundable premium. We take major credit cards, cash, check, or money order. If you do not have the premium on hand, we can offer a convenient payment plan.

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we are affordable, fast, and easy to work with. All our Orange County bail bond agents are experienced, professional, and speak fluent Spanish. We are approachable and friendly and treat our clients with respect. Call us at (619) 760-2222 if you need bail bond services in Dana Point.