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Huntington Beach is well known for, well, its beaches. The incredible coastline is popular with tourists and locals alike and promotes a wonderful economy powered by shops and restaurants. With a population of over 200,000, it is no wonder the Huntington Beach Police Department take their job so seriously. With 212 officers to contend with the local population, as well as several million visitors a year, the department is hard pressed to do its duty and keep the people safe.

In the most recent year in which statistics are available, Huntington Beach had a violent crime rate that was lower than 60% of the rest of California. Already wary from the constant flow of tourists, the police force may be more interested in keep the city’s crime rates low than fully assessing every person or situation. Even something as mild as a rowdy party or an evening stroll could end with you being taken to the police department.

That is why we at Balboa Bail Bonds have such a passion and interest in helping those who have been arrested in Huntington Beach. We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and the courts should only hold people in jail if they are paying for their crime. If you have been arrested for domestic violence or another serious offense, you deserve to await your trial at home with your loved ones. Call our agents at (619) 760-2222. We want to help you.

How Balboa Bail Bonds Can Help

Many people assume they can’t afford bail. They see the price the judge has set for them and they balk at such a high number. With many of us living paycheck to paycheck these days, who has enough stashed away for such intense emergencies? Well, if you hire one of our agents, you will only need to pay our low 10% premium. Meaning, if your bail was set at $5,000, you would only owe us $500.

Even better, that $500 does not have to be a lump sum payment. We often offer flexible payment schedule, that allow you to pay us back as you can afford to. Our agents deal in compassion, first and foremost. If you are honest with us about your financial situation, we will do everything we can to work out a payment plan that works for you. At the end of the day, we want you out of jail as quickly as possible so you can start preparing for your trial in the comfort of your own home.

Being Arrested in Huntington Beach

After your arrest, the police will probably take you to the Huntington Beach Police Department, which is located at 2000 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. While there you will be booked and then placed in a temporary holding cell while awaiting your bail hearing.

A judge will speak with you through a video call and review your case before setting your bail amount. The judge will consider several factors, including the severity of your alleged crime, as well as your criminal history and flight risk. After taking these into consideration, the judge will set your bail, and you will be given the option to pay it or to be transported to a more secure facility, such as Westminster Jail at 8200 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683.

Several things determine your flight risk, or how likely the judge believes you are to not appear at your court proceedings. Some include:

  • Whether you have family in the area
  • Whether you live locally
  • Whether you work in the area
  • Whether you have a history of attempting to escape the law

A high flight risk can mean that your bail is either set at a higher number or you are not granted bail at all. Paying bail immediately is paramount, as it will prevent you from being transported to a more secure facility, and allow you to get home to your loved ones as quickly as possible.

Your Court Proceedings

Your trial and any court proceedings will most likely be held at the Superior Court of California at 8141 13th St, Westminster, CA 92683. It is incredibly important that you make all your required appearances at court, follow all court orders, and any conditions given to you upon payment of your bail. Neglecting to show up or breaking agreements set by the court can cause your bail to become forfeit, meaning you will be expected to pay the full bail amount to the court and that payment will never be returned to you.

On the other hand, if you do as the court expects, you will only have to pay your agent the agreed upon 10% premium. This premium can be paid over time, rather than in one lump sum. If you do end up missing a court proceeding or you neglected to follow court orders, you should contact your bail bond agent immediately and have an open and honest conversation with them about your situation. Our agents keep friendly relationships with all local courts and may be able to have the court reinstate your bail. However, nothing can be guaranteed, and the court may still choose to make an example out of you by declaring your bail forfeit.

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Our agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year. On top of that, all of our agents speak bother English and Spanish, ensuring that they are able to help almost everyone in California. Balboa Bail Bonds is here to get you out of jail fast. Everyone deserves respect, compassion, and understanding. When you hire us, you don’t just get bailed out, you get a chance to prepare for your case in the comfort of your own home, and you get an agent who will be there to provide support and guidance through the entire process. If you or a loved one have been arrested and need help getting bail, contact an Orange County bail bond agent at (619) 760-2222.