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The population in Indio has been steadily rising for the past several years. As the location for the popular music festival Coachella, on top of having multiple casinos, a beautiful open-air market, and a fairgrounds that the entire family could enjoy, it is no wonder that so many people have been settling down in this bustling city. However, a popular destination for new residents and tourists does not mean the city is 100% safe. In fact, the crime rates in Indio are incredibly high, roughly 85% higher than in other cities in America. And where there are high crime rates, there are jumpy police.

When police are faced with high crime rates, they have a tendency to view everyone as a potential threat. This means they may be more inclined to arrest first and ask questions later. Even if you did not commit a crime, you may find yourself in a pair of handcuffs merely on suspicious behavior. Perhaps you were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, you will need someone to help you post bail and act as a guide for the lengthy trial process. That is where we at Balboa Bail Bonds come in. Our Indio bail bond agents can help get you out of jail in Riverside County and back home where you belong. For quick and reliable help, call us at (619) 760-2222.

Facing Arrest in Indio

After being arrested in Indio, you will be transported to the Indio Police Department, which can be found at 46800 Jackson St., Indio, CA 92201. There the officers will process you. Once you have been processed, you will then be given a hearing with a judge, likely over a video feed, to determine your bail. The bail hearing should happen within 24-48 hours of your arrest. At this hearing, the judge will take several factors into consideration including your criminal history, the severity of the alleged crime, whether violence was involved, and what the bail schedule recommends.

In California, bail is often determined by a bail schedule, which lays out the bail amount for a variety of crimes. Generally speaking, the more severe the crime, the higher the bail. For example, the bail for domestic violence will be set much higher than the bail for a petty theft charge.

On top of the bail schedule and the other factors, the judge will also want to determine whether you are considered a flight risk or not. Flight risk, or how likely the court feels you are to try and flee the state or county to avoid prosecution, is determined by several factors. The judge will consider:

  • If you live locally
  • If you have family living locally
  • If you work locally
  • If you have fled prosecution in the past

Once your bail is set, you will be transported to the Riverside County Jail-Indio Jail at 46057 Oasis Street Indio, CA 92201. There you will await your trail and any other court proceedings. That is, unless you pay bail. If you do pay bail, you will be released back to your home, barring a court order saying that you cannot return to your house. This may happen if you have been charged with a crime such as domestic violence. In that case, you will be allowed to await trial at a different location.

Your Court Proceedings

Your trial will be set not long after your arrest, although the trial process itself can take months. Most likely, your trial will take place at the Larson Justice Center, which is located at 46200 Oasis St., Indio, CA 92201. Once your trial has been set, you must show up to every court proceeding that requires your presence. Missing or being late to a court proceeding could result in your bail becoming forfeit. This means it will not be returned to you at the end of the trail and, instead, will be seized by the court.

If you do find yourself in a position where you cannot make a court appearance or you believe you are going to be late to a court appearance, then you should immediately call your bail bond agent. Our agents at Balboa Bail Bonds work incredibly hard to maintain a close and friendly relationship with all local courts. They may be able to smooth the situation out and get your bail reinstated. That being said, it is never guaranteed that they will be able to do this, and it is best to not risk missing or being late to a court appearance to begin with.

How Balboa Bail Bonds Can Help

Sadly, many people who are faced with arrest assume that they cannot possibly afford bail, especially if their alleged crime is considered very serious, and so their bail is set impossibly high. That is why Balboa Bail Bonds is dedicated to helping those arrested in California. With our help, plus our incredibly low 10% premium, anyone can afford to pay their bail and get back home where they belong.

With our premium, instead of worrying about your entire bail, you only have to pay a small fraction. For example, if your bail is set at $5,000, getting your hands on such a large amount can seem impossible. But with our help, you will only have to worry about paying us $500. Even better, we offer a flexible payment plan. We will work with you and your wallet to make a payback plan that fits your needs.

While other bail bond agencies only show up to get their premium payment once your trial is over, our team at Balboa Bail Bonds offers support throughout the entire process. Our agents know the criminal justice system well and can answer all of your pressing questions. We offer more than just bail: we offer compassion, understanding, and a much-needed helping hand.

Call Balboa Bail Bonds Today

One of the things that make America great is the idea that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We at Balboa Bail Bonds believe this wholeheartedly. That is precisely why we have dedicated ourselves to making sure that those awaiting trial can do so at home, where they are able to properly prepare for their case. If you or a loved one have been arrested in Indio, then call one of our Riverside County bail bond agents at (619) 760-2222. We are waiting to help.