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Bail is designed to give people their freedom after an arrest pending legal disposition of the criminal case. The right to bail was established under the 8th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Criminal cases may be resolved through dismissal under certain circumstances, a plea bargain, or a criminal trial. With overloaded court systems today, it could take months or longer for a trial to be held.

Where Are Defendants Jailed After an Arrest in Lake Forest?

Defendants arrested in Lake Forest will likely be detained in an Orange County jail located at 550 N. Flower St., Santa Ana, CA 92703. The jail is open 24 hours, and the telephone number for inmate records is (714) 647-4666. To get out of jail, you will need to post bail, which is set according to a schedule for misdemeanor and felony charges. If you cannot post the full amount of cash required for bail, you can have a surety bond posted through a bail bonds agent in Orange County.

Where Is a Court Appearance Held After an Arrest in Lake Forest?

After an arrest, a defendant’s first appearance before the court is called an arraignment. For felony charges, the arraignment must be held within 48 hours of arrest (excluding weekends and holidays). Whether the offense is a misdemeanor or a felony, at the arraignment:

  • The court informs the defendant of the charges filed against him or her.
  • The court advises the defendant of his or her constitutional rights.
  • The defendant enters a plea of guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere (informing the court that the defendant will not contest the charge).
  • The judge sets bail, releases the defendant on his or her own recognizance, or remands the defendant to custody without bail.

Unless otherwise advised by the court or your attorney, you will probably need to appear in court on a criminal matter after you are released from jail on bail. The justice center location where you are to appear and your court date should be indicated on your bail bond paperwork, an arraignment letter from the prosecuting agency, or the citation, as stated by the Orange County Courts. Court appearances are generally scheduled for 8:30 a.m.

How Is Bail Set in Orange County?

The amount of bail set by the court can depend on several factors. These include whether the offense was a misdemeanor or a felony, the nature of the crime, and whether there are any outstanding warrants or previous arrests and convictions. Judges in each county create a bail schedule for common charges. The entire amount of bail must be posted for a defendant to be released from custody. Bail can either be paid in cash by the defendant, or a bail bondsman can post a surety bond with the court. In exchange for this service, the defendant pays the bail bondsman a percentage of the total bail amount – a nonrefundable 10% premium.

Why Work With a Bail Bond Agent?

A professional bail bond agent who knows the ropes can help you get out of jail sooner. And not everyone can come up with thousands of dollars in cash on the spur of the moment. Bail in a criminal matter may not be affordable for everyone. For example, it could take $10,000 to get someone out of jail on common misdemeanor domestic violence charges, or $50,000 for felony charges.

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