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We provide 24 hour bail bonds services to Orange County and all of California by phone, online and in person at our offices. Throughout the many cities located in Orange County, Balboa Bail Bonds has been at the service of countless individuals who are dealing with the bail process.

Our team of experienced bail bonds agents are dedicated to making the bail bond process as stress-free and straightforward as possible. If you or a loved one is struggling with paying bail in the Orange County area, look no further than Balboa Bail Bonds for help.

Cities, Jails, and Courthouses in Orange County

Orange County extends all the way from Seal Beach to San Clemente. With such a dense population, it’s not surprising to learn that there are several different courthouses and jails with large jurisdictions. Anyone who is arrested and criminally charged could be sent to any one of these places that are scattered throughout the county.

Some notable cities in Orange County include:

Orange County California

There are many courthouses located in Orange County, and many provide specific services that might not be relevant to your case. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you might have to appear before court officials in any of these locations. The courthouses throughout Orange County are:

  • Central Justice Center: Located in the county seat of Santa Ana, the Central Justice Center is the courthouse that handles criminal, civil, elder/dependent adult restraining orders, and probate/mental health cases.
  • Department CJ1 Orange County Men’s Jail: A partnership between the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, and the Orange County Superior Court led to this courtroom located inside the Men’s Central Jail. The court here covers criminal cases.
  • North Justice Center: Situated near Brea, the North Justice Center houses 18 courtrooms focusing on traffic, criminal, civil, and small claims cases.
  • Community Court: Located in Santa Ana, the Community Court is dedicated to providing services for drug, DUI, mental health, and truancy cases.
  • Harbor Justice Center Newport Beach Facility: Sitting on the border between Newport Beach and Irvine, the Harbor Justice Center deals with cases involving traffic and criminal matters.
  • West Justice Center: Located in the Westminster Civic Center, the West Justice Center provides easy access to City Hall, the Westminster Police Department, Coastline Community College, and other facilities. It covers traffic, criminal, civil, and small claims matters.
  • Civil Complex Center: Near the Central Justice Center, the Civil Complex Center addresses matters related to civil, criminal, domestic relations, juvenile, and mental health cases.
  • Lamoreaux Justice Center: Just three miles away from Disneyland sits Lamoreaux Justice Center. With more than 30 courtrooms, the Lamoreaux Justice Center deals primarily with juvenile and family law cases.
  • Superior Court Service Center: The Superior Court Service Center is focused on providing self-help services to more than 600,000 residents throughout Orange County. Civil, juvenile, and family law matters are addressed, and residents can obtain procedural assistance, participate in workshops, and access their legal library.

Following an arrest, you will go through the booking process and be placed in a holding cell. There are a number of different jails located in Orange County, and our agents are standing by to post bail at any of these places:

  • Central Men’s and Central Women’s Jail
  • James A. Musick Facility
  • Theo Lacy Facility

The Bail Process

At first glance, the bail process may seem confusing and even frightening—especially when you’re also trying to fight a criminal charge. At Balboa Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves on our dedication to clients. We will walk you through the steps of the bail process—from the initial arrest all the way to bail exoneration.

Everyone we work with will have already gone through the booking process. The booking process involves law enforcement collecting relevant information regarding the alleged crime, including your physical details and other personal data. Immediately after this process, you can contact Balboa Bail Bonds. It’s a good idea to start working with us as soon as possible—even before you know your bail amount—as we will monitor your case and start processing your bail agreement the moment you become eligible.

After you are booked, the courts will determine your bail eligibility. This is a decision made by the judge overseeing your case. He or she will reference something called the bail schedule, which is a document that details the standard bail amounts for various charges. After you have been granted bail based on the circumstances of your case, our bail agents can start to bail you out. The bail bond agreement is a contract in which you agree to attend all court appearances and pay a small, non-refundable fee called a premium, which will only be 10% of your total bail amount. In exchange, our bail agent will travel to whatever jail you are housed in and post your bail.

Then, once you attend your court appearances, your bail will be exonerated. Bail exoneration means that the courts have waived the need for bail and there is no longer any bail liability.

Seek Help from the Bail Experts

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we want to make the difficult process of getting arrested as easy as possible. Our team will walk you through every facet of the bail bonds process, and make sure that you feel comfortable and ready before moving forward. With just a phone call, you can get a fast, affordable, and stress-free solution to your bail problem. Give us a call at (619) 760-2222 to start getting the help you need.