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The Riverside Police Department was once a small-town police force, but as the city of Riverside grew, so did the number of officers. These days, over 400 officers serve Riverside. While that means plenty of officers are available to help keep Riverside safe, the department is also lacking a personable touch and can arrest first and ask questions later. With 400 officers, it is incredibly easy for you to become lost in the constant shuffle of arrests, bookings, and processing.

An officer only needs probable cause to issue an arrest. While a trial requires clear evidence, slapping a pair of cuffs on certainly does not. Even if you are found innocent at your trial, you may walk away from prison to discover that your life is in shambles. You may have lost your job, become distanced from family and friends, and your reputation may have become completely torn to pieces. That’s why you should have a vested interest in spending as little time in prison as possible.

The fastest way to get out of jail in Riverside County and back to your home and job is by posting bail. No one will make that process easier for you than Balboa Bail Bonds. If you need bail in Riverside, contact us at (951) 255-2100. We want to do everything we can to help.

Our Bail Bonds Agents Can Help

Our Riverside County bail agents are available every day of the year, no matter rain or shine, holiday or not. If you call in need of our help, we will be there to provide the best service we can. Not only do we offer 365 days a year service, but we also have agents who speak both English and Spanish to make your bail process as clear and easy as possible, even if you aren’t a fluent English speaker.

Each of our agents is well versed in our process and are more than happy to guide you through each step. This means:

  • Making sure you get a low bail as quickly as possible
  • Posting bail for you
  • Giving as much assistance as you require during your trial
  • Ensuring that your bail does not become forfeit should you miss a court proceeding
  • Providing you with flexible financing options and a low 10% fee

You’ve Been Arrested: Now What?

Immediately following your arrest, you will be brought to the Riverside Police Department at 4102 Orange St., Riverside, CA 92501 in order to be processed. You probably won’t spend much time there before being transported to a long-term holding facility. In Riverside, it is likely that you will be taken to Robert Presley Detention Center, which you can find at 4000 Orange St., Riverside, CA 92501.

Arrested in Riverside County? This is Robert Presley Detention Center. The Riverside County Jail.

Arrested in Riverside County? This is Robert Presley Detention Center. The Riverside County Jail.

Generally, within 24 to 48 hours following your arrest you will have a video call with a judge. During this interview, the judge will determine your bail amount. Your judge will have to look over several details and factors before setting bail. Some of these include:

  • If you have any prior criminal history
  • The severity of the alleged crime
  • How strong the evidence against you is
  • Whether or not you are a flight risk

Determining if you are a flight risk is an incredibly important piece of setting bail. The courts want you to appear at all proceedings and to avoid requesting a costly extradition if you leave the city, state, or country. If you are a perceived flight risk, the judge will set your bail incredibly high or they will decide not to grant you bail at all. Factors that your judge will use in determining how high your flight risk is are:

  • If you are employed in the area
  • Whether you have family or other loved ones in the area
  • If you live or own property in the area
  • Whether you have prior a history of fleeing while on bail

What Court May Look Like for You

When on trial in Riverside, your case will held at the Riverside Hall of Justice, which is located at 4100 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501, for your proceedings. Never, under any circumstances, willingly miss a proceeding, or even show up late if it can be helped. Being late is considered disrespectful to the court and to the judge. Neglecting to even show up can cause your bail to become forfeit, meaning you won’t get it back after your trial has ended.

If you are in a position where you must miss a court appointment, or you accidently miss one, contact your bail bond agent as soon as possible. Our agents work to maintain a positive relationship will all local courts, and so may be able to negotiate on your behalf and keep your bail from becoming forfeit. However, there is no way to guarantee a positive outcome.

You Can Afford Bail

We understand that to many average Californians even a lower bail may seem impossible to pay. You have bills to pay, family to support, and personal expenses to take into account. However, the amount that your bail is set at is not necessarily the amount you will end up having to pay so long as you contact Balboa Bail Bonds. We offer our clients a flexible payment plan that will allow you to make payments you can afford. Not only that, but our fee is a low 10%. Meaning that so long as you can afford a small fraction of your bail, you can afford to post it and get back to living your life as you await your trial.

Balboa Bail Bonds Wants to Help You Through the Process

The California court system can take a toll on any individual. The process can be traumatic, your reputation may be put in jeopardy, and those that were once close to you may distance themselves, fearing that they cannot trust you. While we cannot stop your arrest from happening to begin with, we can help keep you from sitting in prison for days, weeks, or even months, while awaiting your trial. If you or a loved one have been arrested and need bail, call Balboa Bail Bonds at (951) 255-2100. We want to help you get your life back on track.