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If you have been arrested in San Bernardino County, getting out of jail is likely your first priority. You will need to learn how to navigate the criminal justice system to make that happen. Many defendants are required to post bail to gain their freedom. This is when bail bonds in San Bernardino can help.

Where Will You Be Jailed After an Arrest in San Bernardino County?

  • Most people arrested in the city San Bernardino are held in custody at the San Bernardino County Jail. This facility is located at 630 East Rialto Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92415. The telephone number for the central detention center is (909) 386-0969.
  • If you are arrested elsewhere in San Bernardino County, you may be taken to one of several detention centers located throughout the county in Needles, Adelanto, Barstow, Redlands, Big Bear Lake, Victorville, Devore, Rancho Cucamonga, or Joshua Tree.

Where Is the First Court Appearance After an Arrest in San Bernardino?

A person arrested in San Bernardino is taken to the police station to be photographed and fingerprinted. After the arrest, if law enforcement decides to file charges, you may be released on bail or on your own recognizance or detained in jail and transported to court for arraignment. This is your first court appearance, where the judge will state the charges against you, advise you of your rights, and ask you how you plead – guilty, not guilty, or no contest. If you were arrested on felony charges, your trial must begin within 60 days of your arraignment. For misdemeanor charges, the trial must start within 45 days of whatever came later, arraignment or plea.

How Is Bail Set in San Bernardino?

California courts in San Bernardino County use a uniform bail schedule for both felony and misdemeanor offenses. Additional bail amounts can be tacked on for accessory offenses. Bail is set based on the nature and severity of the crime. For felony offenses such as murder or kidnapping, bail may be set at $1 million or denied altogether. For misdemeanor offenses, bail may be set as high as $50,000, or it may not be required at all. In addition to standard bail amounts for various crimes, the courts may tack on additional bail for “enhancement” of certain types of crimes. For example, bail for drug charges can be enhanced depending on the type and amount of the drug involved. Discharge of a firearm during commission of certain felonies can add $500,000 to the bail amount.

Why Work With a Bail Bondsman?

There are two important reasons to work with a bail bond agent in San Bernardino if you are being held in custody:

  • Getting people released from jail is what we do. We have experience with the criminal justice system and the jails in San Bernardino County. Because we know the ropes, our bail bondsman can help you get out of jail sooner.
  • The courts intentionally set bail amounts high to reduce the risk of defendants fleeing to avoid trial. Many people simply cannot afford to bail themselves out of jail. When you have a bail bondsman post a surety bond for the full amount of your bail, you only pay a 10% non-refundable fee. This is considerably more affordable than the full bail amount.

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