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San Diego is home to more than 3 million people. It is nestled between Orange County, Riverside County, and the Mexican-U.S. border, and it is known for its rich blend of American and Mexican cultures. At Balboa Bail Bonds, we are proud to serve the people of San Diego County and give them the help they need when facing criminal charges. We provide the bail agreements to make sure you can return to your life outside a cell.

"Of all the Bailbondsmen in San Diego I'm glad we chose Josh! A friend of mine got herself into some nasty trouble and of course didn't want to stay in jail any longer than necessary. I had previously notarized documents for one of his clients so naturally I called him first. Considering the circumstances it was a great experience. He's easy to talk to, processed her papers quickly and worked within her budget. I definitely recommend Josh when you, a loved one or a friend need to be bailed out of jail. Thank Josh!"
- C.A.

Major Areas in San Diego County

There are several great places in the county where people live and work, and we provide services to all these areas. Cities that can be found in San Diego include:

There are thousands of people who come face-to-face with the San Diego Department of Corrections each and every day. When someone gets arrested and charged with a crime, law enforcement will transfer the arrestee to one of seven different locations. These include:

  • San Diego Central Jail
  • Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility
  • George Bailey Detention Facility
  • South Bay Detention Facility
  • East Mesa Reentry Facility
  • Facility 8 Reentry Facility
  • Vista Detention Facility

When you make a court appearance in San Diego County, which courthouse will handle your case? That depends. Where you live, where the alleged crime occurred, and what services the courthouse provides all contribute to which facility your case will be heard at. The courthouses in San Diego County include:

  • Central Courthouse: Located in the heart of San Diego and only a five-minute walk from the Balboa Bail Bonds office, this courthouse is a full-service facility for criminal, probate, family court, and small claims.
  • Hall of Justice Courthouse: Home to the Sheriff’s Court Services Bureau and the District Attorney’s Office, this courthouse primarily deals with small claims, probation, and other services.
  • Kearny Mesa Courthouse: Located north of San Diego, the Kearny Mesa Courthouse deals solely with traffic and juvenile infractions.
  • Juvenile Courthouse: In between Kearny Mesa and San Diego is the Juvenile Courthouse. As the name implies, the Juvenile Courthouse handles matters that involve minors.
  • East County Regional Center: In El Cajon, the East County Regional Center deals with criminal, civil harassment, restraining orders, family, and juvenile dependency.
  • North County Regional Center: The North County Regional Center is located just outside of Carlsbad. It’s here where criminal, civil, family law, traffic, adoption, and other cases are heard for the surrounding area.
  • South County Regional Center: Close to the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge sits the South County Regional Center, where court is held for cases involving civil harassment, family law, dependent adult abuse restraining orders, and criminal charges.

How the Bail Process Works

You get arrested because a police officer has reason to suspect that you committed some type of crime. Law enforcement may be required to possess a warrant before an arrest is made, not always, like when the arrestee gives his consent to a search or when the arresting officer observes criminal evidence in plain view. Following the arrest, you will go through the booking process, which involves law enforcement collecting your personal information, including name and physical characteristics. It is only after you are placed in a holding cell that the courts determine your bail eligibility. At this point, unless there are “extreme circumstances,” the judge will reference the county’s bail schedule to determine the proper bail amount.

As soon as bail is set, call a licensed bail agent at Balboa Bail Bonds. We can be contacted any time after booking, and we will immediately begin work to secure your release from jail. We will go over the unique circumstances of your case and develop a bail bond agreement. This agreement confirms that your bail will be covered so long as you attend all your court appearances. We charge a non-refundable fee called a premium—it is 10% of the total bail amount, and it’s the only money you’ll have to pay throughout this process, if your bail is exonerated at the end. Some bail bonds agents might try to circumvent California laws and charge you more than 10%, but Balboa Bail Bonds wants this process to be as affordable as possible. Once the bail bond agreement is finalized, we will go to any San Diego County jail that is holding you and post your bail. After that, it will be a matter of hours until you are released from custody and can return to your friends, family, and freedom.

One of the most important aspects of keeping your bail bond agreement is that you attend every single one of your necessary court appearances. Once you have fulfilled this requirement and the case is dismissed, settled, or tried, the bail will be exonerated, and you will be completely off the hook for the bail amount.

Working with Balboa Bail Bonds

At Balboa Bail Bonds, our team helps clients understand every single step of the bail process. Every situation is different, and we want to make sure your bail bond agreement works for your individual case. Our agency is fast, flexible, and affordable, with multiple financing options available to ensure everyone has access to the help they need. Contact our office at (619) 760-2222.