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Arrested in Santee? Get Released on Bail!

The City of Santee, CA, is the twelfth-largest city in San Diego County and is well-known for its sunny climate, excellent schools, and small-town feel. For many, Santee brings the perfect blend of beach to the West and mountains to the East – giving it the ideal geography and locale to call home.

Unfortunately, however, Santee suffers from a high crime rate – particularly when it comes to property crime. The City of Santee contracts the San Diego Sheriff’s to provide its police force, boasting a police department with over 70 staff to protect its many residents and visitors. Further, with officers only needing probable cause to arrest, you might find it easier than you think to end up behind bars for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How To Get Bailed Out Fast

If you’ve been arrested, regardless of innocence or guilt, you will be put through the grinder in a system designed to intimidate. Despite being constitutionally innocent until proven guilty, once you’ve been arrested you can expect to be treated as if you were on the wrong side of the law. Thankfully, California’s cash bail system gives you a way out.

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we offer comprehensive services that start the moment you call us. With decades of experience in the bail bond industry, we direct you on the exact steps you need to take to get bail set and posted as fast as possible to allow you to return to your family and work with your lawyer from the comfort of your home. We charge a low 10% fee, offer flexible pricing programs, and provide rebates for US military veterans – meaning almost anyone can afford bail.

Santee Jails

Once you’ve been arrested, you will likely be brought straight to the South Bay Detention Facility (located at 500 3rd Ave Suite 100, Chula Vista, CA 91910) to be booked and placed in holding pending bail. If you’re a woman, you may instead be brought to the women-only Los Colinas Detention Center, located at 451 Riverview Parkway, Santee, CA 92071.

Once you’ve been booked, you will be scheduled for a bail hearing in front of a judge, usually done over a live video feed, at which time your bail will be set. Whether or not you’re granted bail and the amount set are usually based on several factors:

  • How likely you are to flee if released on bail (this is generally less of a concern if you can show that you have a family, job, home, or anything else that ties you to Santee or one of the surrounding cities);
  • Whether you’re a possible risk to others (such as those accused of murder); and
  • Any past criminal history.

What you say and do in the first 24-48 hours can also make a big difference, which is why we strongly recommend using one of your first phone calls to get Balboa Bail Bonds on board – we can help you avoid common pitfalls and give you the guidance you need to get out fast.

Going to Court in Santee, CA

Your court proceedings will likely take place at the Superior Court South County Division, located next door to the South Bay Detention Center at 500 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910. A crucial part of the bail system is the inherent agreement that you will attend all court hearings and proceedings, as well as complying with court orders. As long as you make good on this agreement, your bond will likely be exonerated (released), and you will only be required to pay our 10% premium.

If you’re found in violation of court orders or you no-show at a required court appearance, you put yourself at risk of having your bail forfeit – meaning you may be required to pay the entire amount. Our bail bond agents are experts at preventing bail from becoming forfeit, so if a mistake happens, you must call your agent immediately so he can begin the procedure to reinstate your bond.

Let Balboa Bail Bonds Help You Today

When you work with Balboa Bail Bonds, you get a team dedicated to getting you out of jail and helping through this challenging process. We treat our clients with compassion, explaining every step of the bail process, and providing guidance from the moment you call us through to the end of your trial – all at no additional charge. Our agents are all bilingual (speaking both English and Spanish), and each has over five years of experience in the field – meaning you’ll never be stuck with a “rookie” agent. We have live help available 24/7, so call us today at (619) 760-222 to speak to a real person and get the help you need!