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Being arrested for anything—whether a misdemeanor or a felony—can upend your life. The last thing that you want, after being arrested and going through the booking process, is to worry about paying bail.

After you’ve been booked and placed in a holding cell in jail, the courts determine your bail eligibility, which can be differ depending on the courtroom. A bail amount is either set or denied altogether, but this only happens in cases in which the defendant is considered a flight risk or has previous penal code violations. In some cases, judges have the power to raise, lower, or even waive bail, but most amounts a judge will set are predetermined by a bail schedule.

What Are Bail Schedules?

Bail laws vary in different states. Some states model their bail laws after federal regulations, while other states, like New Jersey and Alaska, abolished the use of cash bail in most criminal cases. California is unique in that it uses what’s called a bail schedule system. A bail schedule is a list of rules that determines the particular amount of bail for different crimes and severities.

In California, it is the responsibility of the judges in each county to determine bail schedules for any bailable felony, misdemeanor, or infraction. The defendant’s family or the bail bond agent can review the bail schedule to determine the likely amount, but judges have discretion.

In some cases, the arresting officer may also request that the defendant’s bail amount be larger than what the bail schedule dictates. The courts will look at various factors of the crime and the defendant’s life, including any prior convictions, when deciding if they should deviate from the bail schedule.

Common Bail Amounts

Bail schedules are organized according to misdemeanors, felonies, and infractions, and there are various subcategories according to the type of charge. In San Diego County, here are some common misdemeanor charges and their bail amounts:

When it comes to felonies, the bail schedule includes:

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