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April 3, 2020  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

If you get arrested for a crime and do not post bail, you will be left behind bars awaiting trial. Thankfully, the cash bail system in California allows for your release, supporting your constitutional right to be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Achieving the lowest possible bail amount after being accused with one or more crimes can only be accomplished if the factors can help convince the judge that you deserve to be released. When a judge is considering what bail amount is appropriate in your case, they have four basic options:

    • Impose the standard bail amount for the alleged crimes
    • Increase the bail amount
    • Decrease the bail amount
    • Deny bail
  • Release you without bail, on your own recognizance

The best option is being released without bail. Failing that, you want to convince the judge that you are a safe, low-risk individual who deserves the lowest bail amount.

The Key Factors that Affect Bail

The standard bail amount for the alleged crimes in the San Diego Bail Schedule: Almost every county that offers cash bail has what’s called a “bail schedule” where the standard bail amount for each crime is listed. The bail amount set on the bail schedule is generally the figure the judge considers first.

The alleged crimes: The more severe the alleged crime is, the higher the bail. It can be challenging to achieve a low bail in many cases, particularly in cases of an alleged violent crime.

Your criminal record: Your criminal record and any outstanding arrest warrants will typically cause the judge to increase the bail amount. If you have an outstanding warrant in another state or county, you may be denied bail altogether to prevent you from leaving the area.

Perceived flight risk: Your judge will evaluate whether you may attempt to leave the area after being released on bail, by reviewing your record of failing to appear at court. On the other hand, showing that you have established ties to the community, such as a family, home, and a job, can indicate to a judge that you are a low flight risk.

Whether you are a danger to the community or the case: Individuals charged with violent crimes such as murder, assault, rape, or other sex crimes may not be granted bail if the judge believes the person poses a risk to the community. If there is any indication that you may take your freedom as an opportunity to interfere with witnesses or damage the case against you, you may be denied bail.

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