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"Highly recommend Balboa Bail Bonds. Chris was so helpful and explained the whole process. Nobody plans on getting arrested so it's nice to know there is someone out there who really wants to help you. Thanks Chris!"
- C.B.
"Josh!!! Josh, is GREAT! I was unsure how bail worked due to it being my first arrest but he helped me through it all. I hope it does not happen again, but I do suggest going to Balboa Bail Bonds if you get yourself into some trouble. Everything was so fast and smooth I was able to return back to work in time."
- D.M.
"My friends and I were visiting from Dallas and decided to have too much fun. Josh and Chris were professional, personable, caring, and reassuring. They helped my friend and I out quickly. If I had to, I would use Balboa Bail Bonds again! Thanks Balboa Bail Bonds!!!"
- M.G.
"1st time having to call a bail company for my brother and David was the agent who made me feel like everything was going to be ok and it was. It's not easy having a loved one call u from jail and you thinking the worse. David really made me feel safe and promised me he would do everything in his power to get him out asap. He was fast and was always texting me updates. Thank you for your service and this company rocks!!!!"
- M.L.
"Wonderful. Helpful staff great atmosphere."
- J.E.
"Affordable, flexible and fast! They gave me a GREAT deal. Use Balboa Bail Bonds!!"
- M.K.
"Awesome all around. I HIGHLY recommend them and would use Balboa Bail Bonds again! Quick, fast and affordable. A++++!"
- K.B.
"So I had no idea where to start my friend was arrested and needed to get out ASAP. I called in and spoke to two great bondsman Josh and Chris these guys made it so easy to understand and were willing and I help me out in any way they could. They set some time and process expectations I was able to communicate and to my friend and we get her out. I’m glad I chose to call them and if ever in the situation again there is no doubt I will be calling this place. Thank you Balboa Bail Bonds"
- Anonymous
"Best of the best!!!!! I called several bailsbond before getting Balboa. Josh is awesome!!!!"
- N.A.
"Chris was great! He was willing to work with my financial circumstances."
- C.L.
"It was really easy dealing with Josh. The process was simple. He bailed out my son after a brief conversation with me over the phone. I told him I didn’t have the funds right away, but he bailed out my son anyways and I paid him the next day. He gave me a good discount."
- S.N.
"Great and quick. Had my bail paid before I even paid them."
- J.M.
"I was so worried when my family member was arrested, but Chris at Balboa bail bond explained everything and was very helpful! When do you sleep?! Thank you guys for what you do."
- D.F.
"Joshua and balboa bail bonds took great care of my brother during his difficult times. Definitely recommend these guys over the big name bondsmens."
- J.Q.
"This is my second time working with Josh. I first met Josh about a year ago when I helped a friend bail out of jail. I never expected to need Josh’s services again, but when my family member recently needed bail services, I knew that Josh at Balboa was the guy to call. The team at Balboa is, by far, the most professional bail bonds agency I have ever spoken to. Don’t waste your time calling anyone else. Five star service!!"
- R.W.
"My experience with Chris at Balboa Bail Bonds was nothing but awesome. He got me out quick so I could get to work. Unfortunately this virus has impacted everything including my job. He remained not only professional but on top of that a human being and was willing to work with me even though I came out to no job. For that I am very grateful for Chris personally and Balboa Bail Bonds as a whole. I hope who ever reads this doesn’t ever need to bail out, but if you do I highly recommend calling here first and ask for Chris. Truly appreciate the help, I know he didn’t have to and for that I give 5 stars."
- I.V.
"Very quick response, I was released in a matter of five hours with my wallet not even on me, and Josh keeps you in the loop with everything going on. Upfront with everything and also very willing to help and work with you. Not that I want to ever be in this situation again but, if I were I’d definitely call Balboa bail bonds."
- K.T.
"Josh was great! Very friendly and patient with my parents who had no clue how bail works. I strongly recommend balboa bail bonds."
- D.A.
"Balboa Bail Bonds was the first place I called and Josh answered right away! He was very patient and helpful to answer all my questions. Great customer service!"
- G.Y.
"Josh was a life saver when I needed one. If your in need of his type of services, Balboa bail bonds should be your 1st call!"
- S.C.
"Josh is the best!"
- E.R.
"Great service, great attitude, very friendly and most importantly very helpful. Josh went above and beyond to make sure everything went well with my bail. He made me feel very comfortable and made me feel better in such a bad time.Thank you"
- Y.B.
"We had an employee run into some legal issues. Having no experience with this, Ivan and Josh at Balboa Bail Bonds were a tremendous resource in helping us get the situation resolved. Incredibly responsive, professional and easy to work with. They also recommended an attorney that was also a tremendous help. Can't recommend them enough!"
- J.W.
"They cleared my warrant and offered payments. I was able to go back to work without having to worry about getting arrested."
- S.D.
"So glad we chose to work with Josh! He made us feel comfortable during the whole process and was very professional and informative. Even during such a difficult time he was able to make us laugh. He was also affordable and worked with my situation. They even made the process easier by coming to our home for some signatures. So thankful for such a positive experience!"
- C.D.
"From the first time I called it was just excellent helpful genuine service and every level of communication after that. Josh is great to deal with and an extremely nice and understanding well being! Call him!!!! If your in need."
- B.M.
"Josh was so informative and flexible and made the process as fast and easy as can be! He really knew what he was talking about and was able to provide me with all the information i needed and answer all my questions!"
- C.D.
"I called not really knowing how the process works and didn’t know what to expect. After talking to Josh I felt relieved. He explained everything and was patient, as I asked a lot of questions, and on top of that he was charging less than the other places I saw online. I met up with Josh at his office downtown right next to the courthouse, the process was fast and simple and the person I was bailing out was out in just a short time. I’m very thankful that I ended up calling Balboa Bail Bonds, I don’t normally take the time to post reviews but I felt it was deserved in this case and hope the people that read this, and need to post bail, decide to give Balboa Bail Bonds a call. No I don’t know Josh personally or anything like that, I know that people post good reviews for their friends but this is a 100% genuine post. If I ever need to bail anyone out of jail again Balboa Bail Bonds will most certainly be the bailbondsman I use."
- J.M.
"Of all the Bailbondsmen in San Diego I'm glad we chose Josh! A friend of mine got herself into some nasty trouble and of course didn't want to stay in jail any longer than necessary. I had previously notarized documents for one of his clients so naturally I called him first. Considering the circumstances it was a great experience. He's easy to talk to, processed her papers quickly and worked within her budget. I definitely recommend Josh when you, a loved one or a friend need to be bailed out of jail. Thank Josh!"
- C.A.
"Great reliable service!!! Josh was more than helpful an extremely professional I was out before I knew it!! Highly recommended."
- O.P.
"Josh at Balboa Bail Bonds recently helped me bail out a family member. My family and I were very stressed and Josh put our minds at ease with his knowledge and compassion. I called a few other Bail Bond Agencies and I felt most comfortable working with Balboa Bail Bonds. Highly recommended!"
- R.W.
"I needed a bail bondsman at 3-4 am this morning and Josh from Balboa came highly recommended not only from one but 3-4 people I know. I called Him and he not only offered me the most competitive deal but also took his time to explain the whole process since I’m a first timer with all this kind of thing. He was not only fast but very professional if I could give him 100000 stars I would."
- C.P.
"I called Balboa Bail Bonds at 4am after receiving a call from my best friend who got arrested. Josh answered right away and bailed out my friend within one hour. We didn't have any cash to put down, so Josh arranged a payment plan with us. My experience was excellent with Josh at Balboa Bail Bonds and I highly recommend them."
- A.D.
"That guy Josh is the Man! Prompt service and detail oriented. Highly recommended"
- S.M.
"I called balboa bail bonds, around 5 am after finding out my boyfriend has been arrested for a DUI. Josh answered the phone within seconds and explained the entire bail process. He asked me a few questions and immediately bailed out my boyfriend. I am very surprised on how expedited the process was with josh hands down best bail bondsman in san diego!!!"
- M.S.
"Never thought we would be in a situation where we would need to bail out, but thank god we found Balboa Bail Bonds. Ivan was so helpful. Highly recommend. All questions were answered. Ivan was so helpful through out the whole process. Very professional and helpful!"
- D.L.
"Balboa Bail Bonds is the place where no matter what time it is they will come and help you, they were very helpful. It was a pleasure meeting people who actually want to help you. Highly recommend."
- L.C.
"Best bail bonds in town with a great attitude to help when needed"
- C.R.
"Great communication! And made the process very fast and simple."
- S.P.
"Very professional with everything. When I asked question they never hesitated to walk me through it. Really great work here!"
- S.L.
"Balboa bail bonds helped my friends out when in dire need. Josh got them out fast and made it very easy for us to pay. Highly recommended."
- E.M. from Facebook
"Balboa Bail Bonds is the best!! In a tight spot? He works with you in any situation, always available, always reliable! Just fantastic all the way around!!"
- A.O. from Facebook
"Josh, Josh!!! Where do I begin. He is an excellent person to deal with. I called another bail bonds and they wanted me to fill out the paperwork. A hello that's not my job. That is your job as a bail bonds person, personal. I called him and the next day my brother was out. It took 12 twelve hours but that's not Josh's fault. Thank You Josh for all your help. Really appreciate it. I would definitely recommend him. He was very kind, and knowledgeable and helpful."
- M.C. from Yelp
"Was very calm, personable and helpful and updated me when he was able to submit the bail."
- R.M. from Yelp
"Excellent service.Josh was very personable and kind in this difficult situation. Would highly recommend this agency to anyone who is in need of a bail bondsman."
- S.P. from Yelp
"Was referred to Josh with Balboa Bail Bonds by a defense Attorney. Josh took my call at almost midnight and immediately gave me updates on my sisters case. He walked me thru the process and in minutes was making his way to the detention facility to get my sister out. Josh handled this situation with the best of care and was very understanding. This process was easier than I imagined and I'm grateful and blessed to have been referred to him. Would refer him in a heartbeat but I hope to never need his services."
- J.G. from Yelp
"My lawyer put me in contact with Josh at Balboa Bail Bonds when I was wrongfully charged. I was scared for my family and didn't know what to do. Josh stayed in contact with my wife while I was processed and made sure everything was ready to go for my release on bail. He negotiated and was waiting for me when I was let out. I couldn't have handled the situation without his help. If you need a bail bondsman and you are not using Balboa Bail Bonds you are making a huge mistake."
- N.B. from Yelp
"Balboa Bail Bonds is the place where no matter what time it is they will come and help you, they were very helpful. It was a pleasure meeting people who actually want to help you. Highly recommend."
- L.C. from Yelp
"Was going to use their services and was helped by Josh. In the end, I found that I wouldn't be able to afford the bail that my son's arrest accrued. Josh said he understood and offered to contact my son at the jail and relayed a message to him from me. I truly appreciate the concern they showed. True professionals!"
- R.J. from Yelp
"The team at Balboa Bail Bonds assisted my family and I during a very dark time. Josh and his team made sure to educate us on the realities of our situation, as well as providing support to us. The team made sure to make sure that we were educated in the process. The customer service and the support was a blessing to us. Thank you, team at Balboa Bail Bonds for supporting us through this time."
- A.W. from Yelp
"Super quick and easy service that I received from Darrin. Luckily I was able to pay with credit card. The process was painless and easy to follow. Darrin was straight to the point, asked me for everything I needed, and was patient through the call backs I had to make. I absolutely recommend Balboa Bail Bonds, you won't regret it."
- A.Z. from Yelp
"Needing a bail bonds can be a bit intimidating but I'm so grateful balboa bail bonds took the time to explain everything and guided me every step of the way. They were very professional and understanding of my situation and it was nice to not feel judged for my mistakes. Thank you guys!"
- T.W. from Yelp
Easy to work with and they take the time to make you feel safe and comfortable. They were quick and non-evasive and made all attempts to get my loved one out. They were able to work with me on finances and were empathetic of my life situations. Since the Bail was large, they worked with me to find a solution to barriers that the other Bail companies could not.
- S.T. from Yelp

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