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Regardless of the circumstances, an accusation of domestic violence is always a very serious matter. Whether it involves your current spouse, an ex-partner, or a family member, accusations of violence can erupt out of any number of situations. Prosecutors tend to seek harsh penalties for those charged with domestic violence, and San Diego courts often schedule high bail amounts.

If you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence, contact Balboa Bail Bonds right away. We can help secure your release from jail by posting your bail bond and allowing you to return home. Our agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you were arrested at 12pm or 2am, we will be there to offer a helping hand. It only takes one call to get the assistance you need. Contact us at (619) 760-2222 to learn more.

What is a Domestic Violence Charge? What is the bail amount for domestic violence? Penal code?

What is a Domestic Violence Charge? What is the bail amount for domestic violence? Penal code?

Getting Charged With Domestic Violence in California

When police are called to investigate a possible domestic violence dispute, it almost always results in an arrest being made, despite a lack of any physical evidence. Police officers take allegations of domestic violence very seriously, and are likely to arrest first and ask questions later, giving you very little time to try and defend yourself. Depending on the circumstances, prosecutors can treat a domestic violence charge as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

  • As a misdemeanor, domestic violence charges carry a maximum penalty of up to one year in county jail and a fine of $2,000.
  • As a felony, domestic violence charges carry up to four years in state prison and additional heavy fines.

Penalties will also often depend on criminal history and any other crimes you are being charged with. For example, if part of your conviction involves sexual battery in violation of Penal Code § 243.4, then your sentence will likely be extended, and you will be required to spend at least one year in county jail. There are other sentence enhancements, such as if the alleged crime caused “great bodily injury,” which could add up to five years in prison to the initial sentence.

Other charges will often accompany domestic violence charges, as there are many federal laws, such as the Violence Against Women Act and the Gun Control Act, that were written to combat domestic violence in America. This means that you will likely have to worry about being convicted of multiple crimes, not just domestic violence. Preparing for such a demanding and dense case can be stressful, especially if you are doing so behind bars. That is why it is so important that you speak with an experienced bail bond agent to discuss your options.

Felony Domestic Violence Charges

Depending on the circumstances of the allegations, you may be issued a felony domestic violence charge, which holds far harsher punishments and may result in a higher bail. Domestic violence allegations are taken very seriously by the court, as it is a violent crime, and they will likely not want to let you out in case you are guilty, and allowing you to walk free puts people at risk. Due to that, your bail may be set particularly high, especially for felony charges. Factors that contribute to a felony charge include:

  • Whether one or more of the alleged victims is a child
  • Whether one or more of the alleged victims is an “intimate partner”
  • Whether a weapon, particularly a firearm, was used
  • Whether state lines were crossed during the alleged crime

If one or more of these factors comes into play with your alleged crime, it is likely that you will be charged with a felony. Your bail will likely be set higher than if you were charged with a misdemeanor to make it more difficult for you to be released from jail. However, when you contact an agent at Balboa Bail Bonds, you will only have to pay a 10% premium, meaning you can afford even a particularly high bail.

How California Courts Deteremine Bail

When someone is arrested for domestic violence, the courts refer to a bail schedule to determine the amount of bail to set for the case. In San Diego County, the bail for a domestic violence charge will vary: for a misdemeanor offense, bail is typically $10,000 for a first-time offender. For a felony offense, that amount can increase to $25,000 or $50,000, depending on the circumstances of the case.

The alleged victims are also allowed to speak at bail hearings and give the judge a rendition of what happened, and whether they believe that you are an immediate threat to their safety. Their testimony does not always impact the judge’s decision, but it certainly has the potential to. This could mean that if the judge originally was going to offer a smaller bail, they may then decide to set it higher.

The Bail Bonds Process

When you or a loved one is in jail, facing domestic violence charges, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to get out. Whether bail is set at $10,000, $25,000, or $50,000, without the help of a licensed bail agent, your chances of being released from custody and returning to your life before your court date are slim. That’s where Balboa Bail Bonds can help. When you work with our team, we will guide you through each step of the bail bonds process, from the initial arrest to your bail bond being exonerated.

The bail bond process begins with an arrest. You will be placed in police custody and go through the booking process. At this stage, law enforcement will take your mugshot, record your fingerprints, and collect other information regarding the alleged crime that took place.

Domestic Violence in CA. Arrested for Domestic Violence 273.5(A)PC. Battery Charge 243(E)(1)PC

Domestic Violence in CA. Arrested for Domestic Violence 273.5(A)PC. Battery Charge 243(E)(1)PC

As soon as you are placed in a holding cell, it is important to contact Balboa Bail Bonds so we can start setting up your bail bond. Once your bail amount has been set, you will sign a bail bond agreement with your bondsman. In this contract, you promise to attend all your court dates and pay a non-refundable fee called a premium to your bail agent in exchange for them securing your release from jail. The moment that agreement is signed, we are off to post your bail. Soon afterwards, you will be released from custody. As long as you attend every single one of your scheduled court dates, your bail bond will be exonerated, and the court will return any bail money that was paid. The premium to your agent, however, must still be paid. We offer flexible financing for this service—ask us all about it.

Why Balboa Bail Bonds Is Right for You

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we understand how stressful a domestic violence arrest can be. It can strain your relationships and can have a significant impact to your finances. That is why we are committed to making this experience as stress-free as possible, and our experienced bail agents are ready to help you through every stage of the bail process.

We specialize in domestic violence bail bonds in the San Diego area. We have experience handling these situations, the bail amounts set by the courts, and the complex legal proceedings. If you or your loved one has been arrested for domestic violence, there’s no one else who can secure a release from jail as efficiently and affordably as Balboa Bail Bonds. Contact our office at (619) 760-2222 to get started.

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