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Helping People Who Are Facing Fraud Charges

If you have been accused of a fraud crime, you are facing serious charges. Bail can be set high for fraud offenses in San Diego County. Judges use a bail schedule as a starting basis, then raise, lower, or deny bail altogether, depending on your criminal history and the facts of the case. Under certain circumstances, bail for fraud charges may be set at millions of dollars.

What Constitutes Fraud in San Diego?

Fraud is a white collar crime. California statutes define it as follows: “Fraud means an intentional misrepresentation, deceit, or concealment of a material fact known to the defendant with the intention on the part of the defendant of thereby depriving a person of property or legal rights or otherwise causing injury.

It is fraud when a person commits an act that results in undeserved or unfair benefit for that person and/or causes loss or harm to another person. Examples of fraud crimes include:

  • Forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mortgage and real estate fraud
  • Financial fraud
  • Fraud involving exploitation of elders

If you have been arrested on fraud charges, you will need an experienced attorney to manage your defense. In the meantime, you need to get out of jail. This is when bail bonds in San Diego County can help. We can assist you with bail and help arrange for your release as soon as possible.

What Are the Bail Bonds-Related Costs with Fraud Charges and How Are They Calculated?

Bail amounts for fraud charges will depend on the severity and number of offenses with which you are being charged. The amount of bail is usually set at the arraignment – your first court appearance. The judge setting bail will start with the amount on the county bail schedule, and may adjust the amount or deny bail after considering factors such as:

  • Whether you are a flight risk
  • Whether releasing you would endanger the community
  • Nature and severity of the offence: Large-scale felonies and violent or dangerous crimes carry higher bail amounts than more minor misdemeanor offenses.
  • Whether you have a criminal history or any instances of failing to appear in court
  • Whether you are on probation or parole

How Can a Bail Bond Agent Assist If You Have Been Jailed on Fraud Charges?

Bail for fraud charges typically runs high. For example, it could be $50,000 or higher for a charge of identity theft. If you cannot afford to make bail, you can go through a bail bond agent to obtain your release from jail. We can post a surety bond for the full amount of bail. Provided you show up for your court date, you pay us only a 10% non-refundable premium. With a $50,000 bail amount, the premium would be $5,000. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, cash, check, or money order. We understand that it may be difficult to come up with even 10% of the bail amount, and we make payment plans available to our clients.

Why Choose Balboa Bail Bonds?

We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and when you call us, a real, live, person will answer the phone. Our bail agents are experienced, approachable, and friendly, and treat our existing and potential clients with respect. All our agents are fluent in Spanish. We are fast, affordable, and easy to work with, and we know what we are doing. Our agents know how the system works in San Diego detention facilities, and we can help you get out of jail sooner. If you have been incarcerated for fraud charges, call Balboa Bail Bonds at (619) 760-2222.