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Helping You Find Your Loved One in Orange County

Watching your loved one be arrested can be a traumatic experience. You may not know why. You may be unsure of where they are being held. And you probably have no idea when they will be home. However, there are resources available to you to answer these important questions, and answer them quickly.

We at Balboa Bail Bonds have worked with countless families who have seen their loved ones arrested in Orange County. We know how hard it is to see a person you love taken away in handcuffs. That is why we offer assistance to OC residents who need to find family members who have been sent to jail. With our help, you can find your loved one quickly and have them out of jail in a matter of hours. To speak with one of our agents to begin this process, call our agency at (619) 760-2222 today.

How can I visit someone in jail? Can I contact an inmate? What are the jail visiting hours?

How can I visit someone in jail? Can I contact an inmate? What are the jail visiting hours?

The Jails of Orange County

Like most of Southern California, Orange County sports a large population of over 3 million people. To house everyone arrested in this county for the long and short term, several jails and prisons have been built. After your loved one has been arrested, they will most likely be transported to one of the jails. A low-security jail is meant to hold people who have been convicted of misdemeanor crimes, serving sentences that are less than a year. Naturally, someone who has not been convicted yet will be held in a place with lower security.

However, if the closest jail is overcrowded, or your loved one needs “extra security,” which may happen if the alleged crime was violent, then they could be held at a prison instead. Prisons are designed to hold inmates convicted of felonies. The inmates are far more closely monitored, and the prison has more security. These facilities are designed for convicted criminals with lengthy sentences, often lasting for a year or more.

After your loved one has been arrested, they may have been taken to:

  • Theo Lacy Facility
  • Orange County Central Men’s Jail
  • Women’s Central Jail
  • Santa Ana Jail
  • Cypress Jail
  • Westminster Jail
  • The Anaheim Detention Facility
  • James A. Musick Facility
  • Garden Grove City Jail

Just knowing this list may not help you find your loved one, however. In total, these facilities hold thousands of inmates. Calling each one and asking for your family member will not be an easy task and could take some time. Thankfully, if you reach out to the right people, your search will go faster.

Tracking Down Inmates

One of the many services that we offer at Balboa Bail Bonds is locating inmates, such as those recently arrested. We understand the fear and frustration you are feeling in this moment. Missing somebody you love so suddenly can be heartbreaking, and not knowing where they are can be even more frightening. However, we are here to make sure you don’t have to shoulder that burden alone.

When you call one of our agents at Balboa Bail Bonds, we can track down your loved one in a matter of minutes. On top of that, once we find your loved one, we can help you try to get them released from jail. That way they can go back home with you, where they belong.

Posting Bail

Some people try to save money by not posting bail. Instead, they choose to await their trial in jail. This is a serious mistake, however. Bail may seem expensive on the surface, especially if your loved one is facing felony charges, but when you work with an Orange County bail bond agency like Balboa Bail Bonds, you will find it affordable. We understand that bail is often set in the thousands of dollars, but when you work with us, you will only be paying a fraction of the price.

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we specialize in compassion, and part of that is making sure our clients don’t overpay for their bail. When you work with us, you don’t pay mobile service fees, processing fees, or posting fees. All you pay is a 10% premium. This means that if you are looking at a $7,000 bail, all you owe us is $700, so long as the bail does not become forfeit. Of course, paying $700 can still be a stretch for many families. That’s why our payment plans are flexible. We work with your wallet, not against it.

We Are Ready to Help

Other bail bond companies won’t give you the time of day until it comes time to collect their fees. That isn’t the case at Balboa Bail Bonds. We take our work seriously and understand how important it is for families to stick together, especially during uncertain times. That is why we treat our clients with the compassion they not only need but deserve. Call our agency at (619) 760-2222 to find out where your loved one is and to begin the bail process.

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