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A sex crime accusation and arrest can completely destroy your life. Any chance of employment goes out the window, friends may begin to turn their back on you, and the reputation you worked your entire life to build could be completely shredded. Worst of all, a conviction could mean a life on the Sex Offender Registry. So, even after finishing your prison sentence, you are never truly done serving your time.

While we at Balboa Bail Bonds can’t go to court and defend you, we can offer you a way back home while you are awaiting your trial. Even better, our expert bail bond agents can answer any of your questions about the criminal justice system and provide skilled support when you need it. Unlike other bail bond agencies, we don’t abandon you once the bail is paid. If you have been arrested for a sex crime, then you are in desperate need of our help. Contact one of our expert agents by calling (619) 760-2222 today.

The Different Types of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are considered very serious by the California courts. They are punished harshly, and the bails can be set incredibly high. Considering the severity of being accused of a sex crime, it is vital to know what you have been accused of and what that accusation actually means legally. In California, there are eight main types of sex crimes. Whatever you were accused of doing, it likely falls into one of these eight crimes. They include:

  • Indecency with a Child, or Molestation Crimes
  • Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Statutory Rape
  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Attempted Sexual Assault
  • Rape, or Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Sex Registration Violations
  • Internet Sex Crimes

Technically, in California, any misdemeanor or felony crime of a sexual nature is considered a sex crime. The act of penetrative sex does not have to be involved in order for it to be classified as a sex crime. If someone, for example, had a child under the age of 14 touch their crotch over their pants for sexual gratification, it would still be considered a sex crime, despite clothing not being removed. There are a number of different, smaller crimes that fall under these eight. For example, soliciting a prostitute online may be considered an internet sex crime, or a date rape would be considered rape or aggravated sexual assault. The specific crime you are facing, however, will have a key part to play in what your bail is set at.

California Bail Schedules and Sex Crimes

In California, like most other states, bail is set using a bail schedule. This document lays out how high or low bail should set depending on the alleged crime. The bail schedule may be changed or updated by the state government as laws and opinions around certain crimes change. For example, as marijuana is no longer illegal in the state, the bail schedule had to be updated in order to reflect this.

While a judge can choose to change a bail amount depending on certain factors, such as whether a person is a danger to the community, their criminal history, and whether they are a flight risk, most judges will refer to the schedule to determine how high bail should be set. If you have been accused of a sex crime, your bail amount may be set at:

  • Indecency with a Child, or Molestation Crimes: $150,000
  • Sexual Assault of a Child: $250,000
  • Statutory Rape: $250,000
  • Possession of Child Pornography: $20,000
  • Attempted Sexual Assault: $100,000
  • Rape, or Aggravated Sexual Assault: $100,000
  • Sex Registration Violations: $20,000
  • Internet Sex Crimes: $25,000

Paying for even the lowest bail on that list can seem next to impossible. With most people living from paycheck to paycheck, very few have tens of thousands saved up, let alone hundreds of thousands. Thankfully, cash bail isn’t the only option for those stuck in such a predicament. There are multiple kinds of bail, each with their own benefits. When you ask a bail bond agency to pay for your bail, you are entering a surety bond, which means you do not have to pay the court anything, but you will owe the bail bond agency a premium, which, in our case, is just 10% of the original bail amount.

The Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

Of course, when you are charged with such serious crimes, the bail isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. You will also have to consider the penalties you will be facing if you are convicted. When it comes to sex crimes, some of the punishments are exactly what you would expect. If you are convicted, you will face a lengthy prison sentence, usually between a year and a couple of decades, as well as hefty punitive fines. These fines could range from $1,000 to tens of thousands.

However, on top of the prison stay and the fines, sex crimes also carry the hefty punishment of registration on the Sex Offenders Registry. Those on this list must check in with local police regularly, often between once a year to every month, depending on the severity of the crime they were convicted of. On top of that, their name, photo, and location are available for the general public to view. This can impact a person’s ability to find employment, be approved for an apartment, or even just build a social group and integrate back into normal society after release.

Balboa Bail Bonds is Here to Help

The first step to building a proper defense and making sure that your charges are dropped or lowered is to pay bail. When behind bars, your visits with your attorney are limited and monitored. It can be difficult to properly discuss and prepare your case in jail, especially since your family and friends will not be able to provide you with a proper support system. That is why, no matter how high your bail is set, you should contact an agent with Balboa Bail Bonds. We can help get you back home where you belong, and with our flexible payment plans, we can make sure that you can pay us back in a way that works for your wallet. If you or a loved one have been arrested for a sex crime, call us at (619) 760-2222 today. We provide bail for clients in San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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