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August 2, 2022  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we offer affordable prices for teachers and educators. Our unbeatable prices help you to secure bail so that you don’t have to worry about finances during a stressful time. We recognize the vital job that educators of all types perform, and we want to make sure that they are able to get the help they need at one of the times when they need it most. If you are a K-12 teacher or a college or university instructor or professor, our team can help you with your needs.

We aim to keep our prices low so that our bail bonds are affordable. In most cases, no collateral is needed and we never charge more than a 10% premium on the total bail bond. We guarantee the lowest prices available, including discounts that are extended to teachers and educators to make our prices even cheaper and easier to repay.

Confidential Services

You can rest assured that we will keep your private information confidential when you come to us for bail bonds. We don’t share any information with the courts or with law enforcement, so you can deal with us feeling confident that your personal information will remain secure. All client information is kept private and handled discreetly.

There’s no need to deal with any embarrassing processes when seeking help with bail. Our bail bonds don’t require you to visit us in person at a bail bonds office and we don’t require time-consuming weekly check-ins as some other bail companies do. We only require you to sign a few forms online providing us with your contact information. We give you easy payment options, including online, phone, and in-person payments, so you can choose the payment method you prefer. Our process is free of judgment and free of hassle.

Flexible Financing

Flexible financing from Balboa Bonds makes it easier for teachers to meet bail. We don’t ask for any additional fees such as posting, processing, or mobile service fees. The bail bond premium is the only cost, with no surprise fees adding to your expenses. It will never be more than 10% of the total bail amount to comply with California law.

We know that dealing with an arrest is a stressful thing to go through, especially if you might be worrying about whether your job is at risk. The financial pressure that can come with an arrest only makes it more stressful, but our bail bond options help you to deal with one of the financial issues that you face. We offer discounts to union members and other teachers to help make bail more affordable. Our team will work with you to create a financing plan to help you cover your costs in a way that works for you. Just get in touch with us to discuss your needs and find out how we can help. Our knowledgeable and experienced agents will discuss your options and help you to find a flexible financing option that meets your needs.

Some of our bail bonds have some conditions that you will need to meet. Although collateral isn’t needed most of the time, it is sometimes a requirement for larger amounts. This could take the form of real estate or other types of collateral. A co-signer can also be a requirement on some occasions to help secure repayment by providing someone who is responsible for you and will repay the bail amount in the event of a failure to appear in court.

Free Warrant Checks

We can also save you money by providing free warrant checks. A warrant check identifies whether there are any outstanding warrants for your arrest so that you can have the full picture of all the issues you might need to handle. By working with us and using our free warrant check service, we can clear your warrant with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. This allows you to arrange a court date without getting arrested or being held in custody until your court date arrives.

Balboa Bail Bonds will help you to save money by keeping your bail costs low. We can’t control the amount of bail but we can help you to make sure you don’t pay any more than necessary with good deals on bail bond premiums for teachers and educators, as well as payment plans.

Teacher Discounts on Bail Bonds

Our discounts for teachers on bail bonds help you to save money when faced with covering bail. Different types of bail bonds exist, and it’s a good idea to understand the difference between them to ensure you get the right help. Surety bail bonds and commonly used by licensed bail bond agents like us. California law dictates that the maximum amount paid by the defendant is 10%, with the rest of the bail amount covered by the agent. You can save money with our teacher discounts so that you pay even less. There are also various other types of bail bonds, including federal, property, cash, and immigration bonds.

Get in Touch with Balboa Bail Bonds

When you need help securing bail after an arrest, contact Balboa Bail Bonds to find out how we can help you. Our discounts for teachers, flexible payment plans, and multiple payment methods help to make taking out a bail bond accessible and affordable. Visit us at our San Diego office, pay over the phone using any major debit or credit card, or pay online, by mail, or in person.

If you are a teacher or educator, or a member of a teachers’ union, get in touch with us to find out more about our discounts for your profession. All of our agents are knowledgeable about the options that we have available and how we can help you. You can contact us using our online form and one of our agents will give you a call. Ask about our discounts for teachers to discuss the options that we have available and how we can save you money.