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October 21, 2022  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

If you, a friend, or even a family member happens to get arrested, then you may need to post bail so you can try and get them out of jail. One important thing to know is that there are usually three main ways to do this. You can post a cash bail, a surety bond, or a property bond. If you want to find out if you are going to get your bail bond money returned, then it is important to look at the payment method.

Cash Bail

If you have posted a cash bail, then this means that you will have had to pay the entire bail amount. In cases such as this, you will get your money back, but the court fees will be deducted. The payment is usually made when the accused has made their court appearances. If the accused does not appear in court however, then the money paid will be forfeited and it will not be returned to you. On top of this, there will not be any reimbursement if the accused happens to be arrested again when they are out on bail. If the accused is found not guilty, then the bail bond will be released. If they plead guilty to the charge, then the bail money will be discharged when they are sentenced. Take a look below to learn more about other types of bonds.

Property Bonds

If you choose to post a property bond, then you will be using your property as a lien when the bail is posted. This ultimately means that if you do not appear in court at a suggested date or even time then the state will have the power to take your property. When you have attended the proceedings that are required, your home will not be on lien anymore. Of course, you will have the option of posting a property bond, but this method is not often used. You will not receive any money back when posting this bond, as you won’t be putting any money down. This method is only really suited to incredibly high bail amounts.

Surety Bonds

If you do not have any cash to pay your bond with or if you do not want to lose your property, then it is possible for you to post a surety bond. You just need to make sure that you seek the help of a bail agent or a bail bondsman. The third-party will post the full amount for you, but all you have to worry about is paying the bail premium. When you do happen to make your court appearances, the court will then return the bail money to the bail agent. This will go to the bail bondsman, and you will not get your premium back. This is a fee that you pay to the agent so you can get the entire bail posted.

What Happens if you’re Guilty?

This is a question that bail bondsmen often get asked. What happens if you are found guilty? The truth is that a lot of guilty verdicts do involve a lot of hefty fines. Regardless of the outcome of the case, the money paid to a bail agent or bail bond company is non-refundable. A bail bond premimum is similar to an insurance premium and is fully earned once the bond is posted. 

How Long Until I Get my Money Back?

So how long will it be until you get your money back? If you paid the court or jail directly for a cash bond. As a general rule, you will have your money refunded to you within 90 -180 business days. This is after you have made your court appearances, or after your charges have been dropped and any paperwork has been filed and accepted by the courts.

How do you Get your Money Back?

Any bail that has been posted via cash to the jail or court will be returned to you via chech. In some very unique circumstances, you may find that the money is given back to you, or the person who paid the bond as a cheque so be mindful of this. When you go through a bail bonds company however, they will take care of your bail for you. You will pay 10% of the bail to them, and they will cover the rest. When you are released, the bail bond company will keep the money. The reason why this money is not refundable is because you will have to pay for the service that you have used.  Another bonus is that you only have to put down 10% of the total bail amount. Sometimes it is possible to get extra discounts on top of this, if you are a veteran, or if you meet other select criteria. This is a great way for you to pay less than the original 10%. So as you can see, it can drastically reduce the financial commitment that is required from you or your family.

If you want to get some help with your bail bond or if you want to make sure that you do not end up paying more money than you have to for your bail, then one thing that you can do is make sure that you go through our company. When you do, you can then count on us to ensure that you get the bail money you need so you can get back to your life as normal, as soon as possible. If you need help with your bail bond, or if you would like to have a chat with our team, then we recommend that you give us a call. Our team are available to chat 7 days a week, 24 hours a day so it doesn’t matter when you need us, you know we will be there.