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March 8, 2022  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we are happy to announce a brand new service for clients all across California. With our GPS bail bonds, we are providing GPS monitoring that can have some exceptional benefits. This has been proven to lower the cost of bail and minimize risks associated with defendants skipping court and attempting to flee the criminal justice system. 

When you – or a loved one – get arrested, it can be the toughest time in your life. You need to post bail, and you need to post it fast. Otherwise, you could end up being held in jail and moved to a more secure facility. Consequently, our bail bonds service will help you out. We guarantee to provide the lowest price in California, allowing you to post bail and be released from jail on the same day as your arrest. 

Call us now for a consultation, and to learn more about our GPS bail bonds service. 

What Is A GPS Bail Bond?

Essentially, GPS bail bonds in California refer to any bail bonds that come with GPS monitoring devices as part of the terms and conditions. This will come as an anklet that is worn at all times and tracks your location. 

Sometimes, we offer these voluntarily when you are purchasing a bail bond. Other times, it will be a condition upon your release. When you post bail, the court demands that you wear a GPS tracking device to ensure they can watch your movements. In either situation, Balboa Bail Bonds will help you get a GPS tracking device and post bail at the same time. 

Work With A Professional Bail Bonds Company To Secure Your GPS Device

It is critical that you work with a licensed bail bonds company to get your GPS tracking device. Many defendants believe they can buy one online and that’s the end of it. This is incorrect – the device needs to be approved by the court. Consequently working with a company like ours will ensure that your device is fully approved and won’t land you in more trouble. 

Alongside this, working with Balboa Bail Bonds can provide you with a host of benefits: 

  • Lower bail rates – We pride ourselves on always providing the lowest bail bond rates in California. It’s our mission to keep this service as affordable as possible, ensuring you can get out of jail without it costing a fortune. 
  • Easy payment options – You can choose to pay however you like, whether this is all at once or via installments. We offer flexible payment options that make your life much easier during this difficult time. 
  • Free price quotes & bail information – Before you pay for anything, we will give you a free quote for the entire service. This will include a flat rate for the bail bonds and the GPS monitoring system. It ensures you know exactly how much something will cost, without any sneaky fees added in. Plus, we throw in lots of free bail information as well, letting you understand the process and what will happen to you. 

Reduce Your Bail With GPS Monitoring

GPS bail bonds in California are growing in popularity because they present a key advantage to the defendant. Clearly, there are many factors that calculate the cost of bail. One factor is how much of a threat you pose, while another is how much of a flight risk you are. Defendants that are known to flee or may be considered dangerous will have a very high bail set. Even with the help of a bail bond, this can be extremely expensive. 

With GPS bail bonds, you can use a monitoring device to actually reduce your bail. This is because it adds another layer of security for the courts. There is less chance of someone skipping court dates if they are being tracked. As a result, bail is reduced because a compromise is being made. Obviously, wearing a tracking device will mean that your movements are being watched, so it can restrict what you’re able to do. The court may dictate that you’re not allowed near certain places or must stay inside your property at all times. These are small compromises to make if it means you can save money on bail and get out of custody ASAP. 

GPS Bail Bonds Can Help You Be Released From Custody

As well as reducing bail, GPS bail bonds in California can also help you get released from custody when you otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to leave. As mentioned above, some cases will involve serious charges – or they could involve a defendant with a history of fleeing. In these instances, courts are hesitant to grant bail because the defendants are high-risk individuals. They are worried about what might happen if they are released before the court proceedings can take place. 

Agreeing to wear a GPS tracking device can mean that you are granted bail. It reduces the risks because you are being monitored all the time. As such, courts are more likely to let you post bail. If this is the case, your GPS monitoring device is usually written in as part of the bail agreement and might make up some of the overall cost. Don’t worry, we can handle all of this for you. 

All you have to do is get in touch with us and inquire about GPS bail bonds. From here, we will get everything sorted to ensure bail is posted and you get a court-approved anklet that tracks your whereabouts. Then, you just have to follow the terms of the agreement and attend your court dates – it’s really that simple. 

How Do GPS Monitoring Devices Work?

When you receive your GPS tracker it will look like a small bracelet that fits around your ankle. Unlike the devices you see in movies, modern GPS trackers are more slimline and comfortable. They will also be shock-resistant and waterproof, so you will have no issues showering, bathing, or swimming with them on. 

GPS monitoring devices are also created with tamperproof technology. This means that they can’t be tampered with, and it is unwise to attempt to do so. If you are caught tampering with your device – or taking it off – you will end up with further charges against your name that could hurt your defense in court. 

As far as the technology goes, these devices offer 24/7 tracking through GPS satellites. They are often integrated with Google Maps and Google Info, which are the biggest and most powerful mapping tools in the world. Effectively, it allows a law enforcement agency to see exactly where you are in real-time. They can see when you leave your house, where you are traveling to, and so on. It enables them to track any suspicious movements and move to intercept you before you attempt to flee. It also means they can see if you are staying within the terms of the agreement and aren’t going to places you’ve been banned from visiting. 

Benefits Of GPS Monitoring For Courts & Offenders

One of the main reasons GPS bail bonds in California have grown in popularity is that they benefit both the courts and the offenders. 

From a court perspective, the ability to monitor an offender’s location is so advantageous. It lets them: 

  • Cut the risk of someone fleeing
  • Avoid keeping someone in jail, which leads to overcrowding
  • Guarantee the offender will turn up to court
  • Allow constant tracking of the individual
  • Improve the safety of the local community

On the other hand, for offenders, other benefits present themselves. We have spoken about some already, but let’s recap: 

  • Potentially reduce bail 
  • Potentially secure bail for high-risk offenders
  • Demonstrate your ability to comply

The last point is very important when you consider that bail is granted before a trial begins. If you agree to wear a GPS tracking device as part of the bail requirements, it shows you are willing to comply. If you wear it and don’t get into any trouble, this is further evidence of compliance. Judges and courts can use this in your favor during trials as you are showing a willingness to abide by any rules set by the courts. So, it could possibly help you get a more favorable outcome from the court proceedings. 

Contact Us For GPS Bail Bonds in California!

Have you been arrested in California, or are you looking to post bail on behalf of someone you love? GPS bail bonds can help you get out of a very tricky situation by granting you a bail bond with a court-approved GPS device. Whether this is voluntary or demanded by the court, we can help you out. 

Balboa Bail Bonds is one of the highest-rated bail bonds companies in California, offering same-day release from jails and 24/7 services across the state. Our easy payment options make everything a breeze, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have surrounding GPS monitoring and GPS bail bonds. 

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