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March 8, 2022  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

Is someone you care about in jail and you’re looking for a way to help? Then you may be thinking about using your home for bail? If so, it’s important to look into using a service or working with experts who specialize in Property bail bonds in California.

One reason being and why you should know what you’re doing is because if a person on bail doesn’t appear in court, you may lose your house. Learn more about using your home for bail and property bail bonds in California so you can ensure a smooth and successful process.

Using Your Home for a Bail Bond

Have you recently bailed someone out of jail? If so, then there is some information you should know and review for your own good. You should always protect yourself first and foremost and understand what you’re getting into so you can properly navigate the situation.

While property bail bonds aren’t used in every state, California does allow the use of a property bond. They’re similar to cash bonds but instead of using cash to secure bail, you are agreeing to use the value of your property as collateral for the release of someone from jail.

Generally speaking, these types of bonds will take more time to be processed than surety or cash bonds due to the courts needing to conduct a thorough assessment of the property’s value before it can be accepted as collateral. For it to be approved, the property being used in these bonds needs to be valued at twice the amount of the original bail as determined by the courts.

Are you interested in learning more about property bonds and how they work? Then you’re in the right place to learn more. The details that will be covered in this article are as follows:

  •         The Deed of Trust
  •         Bail-bond Fees
  •         Exonerating the Bail
  •         The Full Reconveyance
  •         Problems to Watch for

The Deed of Trust

You must know about the Deed of Trust aspect if you’re using your house for bail. The bail bond company is going to record a Deed of Trust against your home when you decide to bail another party out of jail. What this means exactly is that your property will be used as security for the bail amount.

Your next step is to determine what type of document you have received. Therefore, look for the white sheet that has the following words in the top left-hand corner of the page, “WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO.” Look about a quarter of the way from the top to find the title of the page in dark letters. When viewing the Deed of Trust, your name should be listed as the “trustor” and the bail bond company should be identified as the “beneficiary.”

You want to confirm that the dollar amount that’s included on the Deed of Trust is the full bail amount you agreed to. It should be the amount of bail that was set by the court.

Bail-Bond Fees

You should also be informed about the bail-bond fees that you will need to pay. When you work with a bail bond company, you typically will discover that you’re charged 10% of the bail amount as their fee. They’ll post the full bail amount with the court once you pay this fee to them. The amount shown on the deed of trust should not include the bail bond fee. It’s unlikely there will be any payments required for a bail bond on the Deed of Trust.

The documented Deed of Trust guarantees that your property is being used to pay the full amount of the bail that the court has determined. You should know that bail agents are licensed and regulated by the California Department of Insurance. Always call the CDI Consumer hotline to confirm the status of the bail agent’s license before proceeding.

If you’re looking to work with a bail bond agent regarding property bail bonds in California then we encourage you to give us a call. Balboa Bail Bonds has agents available 24/7/365 to assist you in all your bail needs. We have agents standing by to provide free bail information and free inmate information. We are proud to offer the lowest prices guaranteed, fast easy payment options.

Balboa Bail Bonds also offers free warrant checks. We also offer military rebates for the active or retired military as well as for those who have retained private counsel.

Losing Bail

You should also be aware that it is possible to lose bail money. For instance, if the person you decided to bail out of jail doesn’t appear in court then the court keeps the full amount of the bail money that the bail-bond company paid to the court. You’ll then be contacted by the bail-bond company you worked with and they will demand that you pay the full amount of bail. It’s also not uncommon that the company will foreclose on your property as a way to collect it.

The bottom line is that if the person you chose to bail out of jail doesn’t appear in court as mandatory, then it’s very possible you can lose your house and be out of the money and your property.

Full Reconveyance

It’s also important you understand about full reconveyance. In this case, if the party you bailed out of jail attends all of their court appearances then the court will exonerate the bail. What this means is that the bail bond company has received the full amount of bail from the court.

As soon as this transaction occurs, then the bail bond company is required to record a Full Reconveyance. You can use this document to confirm that the bail-bond company has removed any claim they had on your property. Check all of your mailings because it may not be reflected in the first piece you receive. It will be sent out to you after the bail has been exonerated and you’ve paid the bail-bond fee in full.

Be aware that the copies you get and review might appear different than the ones you originally signed. This is because they are smaller than the initial documents.

Problems to Watch for

The reality is that all you do may not go as planned. You should always be mindful of what problems may arise. The list below includes the different types of obstacles or wrongdoings to watch out for as you move forward with a property bail bond in California. You should consult with an expert right away if you encounter any of the following issues:

  •         The Deed of Trust has been changed in any sort of matter after you already signed it.
  •         You discover your signature was forged on the Deed of Trust.
  •         You did not know that someone has used your property as security for a bail bond.
  •         Even though you’ve paid all fees and the person who was in jail is bailed out and has attended court, the bail-bond company refuses to issue a full reconveyance.

Reasons to Use A Bail Bond Company

Property bail bonds can be tricky and confusing. This is why you should consider using a bail bondsman to help you. There are many benefits of hiring and working with a bail bond company. For example, they have a relationship with people in the bond system and can quickly and effectively increase your chances of getting the person out of jail in a timely manner. 

They know how to expedite the process and who to go to and who to avoid altogether. It not only saves you time but also money. You’ll find that the bail is more affordable this way and that you get peace of mind quicker. It’s always better to use a bail bond team than to try to go at this and learn about the system on your own.

Thinking about hiring a bail bond company to help you? Then look no further than Balboa Bail Bonds. When you contact us you’ll get to speak with expert bail agents who are committed to providing you with the best customer service in the bail industry.

We take the time to explain every step of the bail process as it relates to your specific situation. We will treat you with compassion during what is undoubtedly a stressful experience for you. We are dedicated to you, beginning with your initial call to us and extending throughout the life of your case.

We offer fast, flexible, and affordable service that you won’t get anywhere else.


You now have a better understanding of how property bail bonds work in California and what to be aware of as you try to get someone out of jail. Using your home for bail might end up being your best and most desirable option. However, the process can be trying and complicated at times so you may not want to go about it all alone. In this case, you can contact Balboa Bail Bonds for assistance and further guidance. Get the right help today so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. 

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