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May 3, 2023  |  Posted by jesse  |  Bail Bonds

Most people assume that bail bonds are all the same – helpful financial instruments that reduce the upfront cost of getting bail. 

However, there are different types in San Diego, California, depending on the reason for the bond.

In summary, the seven different types of bail bonds available are:-

  • Immigration bail bonds
  • Federal bail bonds
  • Cash bail 
  • Recognizance release
  • Citation release
  • Property bonds
  • Surety bonds

This article discusses each of these in detail so you can better understand when and how they apply. 

Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bail bonds are a type of bail bond for defendants who come from outside of the U.S. These bail bonds tend to have strict requirements because of the risk of flight (the defendant fleeing to their home country). 

Professionals always recommend that immigrants get a trusted bail bondsman company to help them fill out the application for these bonds because it can be long and complicated. They also advise against attempting to obtain this bail bond type alone. You could make a mistake on the application. 

Federal Bail Bonds

Federal bail bonds are bonds for paying bail for federal offenses (crimes that violate US federal laws). Again, getting these can be challenging because of the federal government’s strict requirements.

Fortunately, working with an experienced bail bondsman can help. At Balboa Bail Bonds, we understand the federal bail process and can provide ongoing assistance every step of the way. 

Cash Bail

Cash bail bonds are usually the most accessible. Here, the bail bondsman pays the full amount to law enforcement on your behalf. You then pay a percentage fee (set to a maximum of 10% under California law). 

You can usually arrange most cash bail bonds in a matter of hours. That means you can be arrested, charged, and released quickly, preventing serious disruption to your life. Balboa Bail Bonds are available over the phone 24/7. 

You can also pay cash bail upfront. However, bail fees are usually high in California, even for minor crimes. 

Recognizance Release

Recognizance releases are among the best outcomes for defendants. With these, you don’t need to pay any money upfront to law enforcement officials. Instead, a recognizance release is at the arresting officer’s discretion. Police may agree to release you without bail if the charges or circumstances warrant it. 

Citation Release

Citation releases are even more agreeable for defendants. Here, police officers do not take you into custody. Instead, they issue them with an on-the-spot citation for an alleged crime. 

Again, this type of discharge is at the presiding officer’s discretion. It differs from a recognizance release because the defendant may still need to fight for their freedom. 

Property Bonds

Property bonds are another bail bond type available in San Diego, California. Not all bail bondsmen require these. 

Essentially, a property bond is a type of bond that requires you to offer collateral before the bail bondsman accepts your application. Most property bonds involve putting up your house as collateral, but bail bondsmen may accept other assets. 

Unfortunately, it can take a long time to process property bond-related paperwork. Bail bondsmen need to confirm your property is real, you legally own it, and that it has an acceptable value. This process can continue for several weeks while official work is complete. 

Surety Bond

Lastly, there are surety bonds, the most common type of bail bond. Defendants like these because of their low prices. You will pay a maximum of 10% of the bail’s price (and often less if you go directly to us).

For instance, if the bail set by law enforcement is $50,000, you will pay a maximum of $5,000. The bail bond company will then pay the courts the $50,000 bail, securing your release from jail, usually in a few hours. 

Surety bonds are essential because they let you return to your regular life quickly. Courts may set your trial date many weeks or months in the future, causing you to miss out on valuable time at work or with your family if you stay in jail. These bonds let you resume your normal life, often within 24 hours of your arrest, stabilizing your relationships and giving you time away from the jailhouse to prepare for your trial. 

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we understand that $5,000 is still a large sum of money to find quickly. That’s why we offer 0% finance on all bail bonds. This option lets you spread the cost of bail over several months without having to pay additional interest. You can earn the money to pay for the bond installments before the trial date. 

How Do You Obtain A Bail Bond? 

Obtaining a bail bond from Balboa Bail Bonds is incredibly simple. Here’s how the process usually works in San Diego, California:

  • A law enforcement officer arrests you and puts you in jail
  • A just sets your bail amount based on the charge, according to an official schedule (California sets these uniformly, which differs from some other states). 
  • You then have an opportunity to contact us as your bail bondsman
  • Balboa Bail Bonds will then inform you about your obligations to show up to court on the specified dates and the terms of the bail bond
  • You then pay Balboa Bail Bonds the fee (which can be as low as 7%) or arrange finance
  • Balboa Bail Bonds pays bail to the relevant law enforcement officials, securing your release

Once you get out of jail, you can go about your regular business. However, you must attend your court dates as specified by the presiding officials. 

Get Help From Balboa Bail Bonds Today

If you require a bail bond, contact our team of agents today. We offer competitive rates for some defendants, 0% financing, and 24/7 service. We can also assist you with the paperwork and pay law enforcement officials bail on your behalf.