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August 19, 2022  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

When you or a loved one is arrested for a crime in the State of California, posting bail to secure your release from jail is the first step towards restoring normality and preparing a defense. Balboa Bail Bonds is a veteran owned bail bond company that can make the process as fast and convenient as possible.

Proudly offering military discounts on bail bonds services to all of California. No collateral needed in most cases, fast easy payment plans with 0% interest financing and lowest prices guaranteed. Post bail by phone, online or in person at any of our offices.

In fact, our friendly experts can often post bail and get your loved one out of custody within hours. Call us at 619-760-2222 to find out more.

The perfect bail bonds solution for veterans and their families

As a serving or former military professional, normal civilians just can’t relate to certain aspects of your life. If you need help getting out of jail following an arrest, calling a veteran owned bails bond company can provide an extra source of comfort, confidence, and convenience. Given that this is an immensely stressful time for your family, it is a welcomed feature.

Here at Balboa Bail Bonds, we are one of Southern California’s only veteran owned and managed companies. Whether you recognize the name Balboa from the Balboa Naval Medical Center or not, you can be sure that our agents will deliver a service that puts your mind at ease. Some of the reasons why we are often selected by military personnel include but are not limited to;

  • As veterans, we understand the stresses and constraints you are going through.
  • We have tailored our services with features like no collateral that help military workers.
  • Our experts also understand the needs of family members during this time.
  • We provide fast service, transparent communication, and fair payment plans for all clients.
  • As veterans, we are committed to supporting people like you.

Of course, our bail bonds aren’t only open to military personnel and many of our qualities are loved by clients from an array of backgrounds. 

A veteran owned bails bond company in the heart of California

When working with a bail bond company, it is essential that you work with a local business that understands the State of California Penal Codes. In addition to an in-depth knowledge of legislation and typical bail fees, it helps to have a working relationship with the county jails and judges. Balboa Bail Bonds is an experienced agency that provides fast, flexible, and affordable bail services to our clients at an extraordinary value.

In fact, Balboa Bail Bonds is proud to boast three offices based in San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino. This gives us state-wide coverage and a local presence no matter what county jail your loved one is currently in. 

As a veteran owned bails bond agency carrying the Balboa name, we also have a solid reputation and standing within the State of California, particularly with judges and courts. Working with us can support a quicker and smoother bail process.

A veteran owned bail bonds company that won’t judge you

Many bail bonds companies try to learn more than what their services require. Here at Balboa, we are committed to discrete services. The defendant already has to explain their story to multiple people and will inevitably deal with a host of stressful situations. Your family doesn’t need to add a bail bonds company to the equation,

When working with us, you simply need to tell us;

  • Which jail your loved one is in custody at,
  • What misdemeanor or felony they have been arrested for,
  • The bail fee.

We don’t need further details about the case. Instead, we simply need to run the quick application process to discover the best service we can offer. Once this has been completed, we can work on getting the defendant free.

Bail bonds for virtually all arrests in the State of California

Finding a local bail bonds company that you can relate to is one thing, but you must also check that it can post bail on behalf of your loved one. Here at Balboa Bail Bonds, our specialties include;

  • Bail bonds for assault,
  • Bail bonds for domestic violence,
  • Bail bonds for DUIs,
  • Bail bonds for manslaughter,
  • Bail bonds for misdemeanors, 
  • Bail bonds for sex crimes.

We additionally have extensive experience in handling larger bail demands for felonies. Our services are open 24/7 to defendants across California. We can post bail online or by phone from anywhere, even overseas, while we provide fast, easy payment plans and 0% financing with no credit checks.

While our services are not available only for veterans, the discreet and confidential approach makes us a great option for serving and ex military members. Furthermore, we do not require collateral from military members, veterans, or their families.

Bail bonds made easy

When a loved one is in custody after being accused of a criminal offense, posting bail to release them from jail instantly makes the road ahead feel less daunting. It allows the defendant to avoid the immediate financial, emotional, and reputational fallout of time behind bars while it also ensures their freedom between now and their trial date. 

Unfortunately, the California Courts often set bail figures very high that typically range from $10,000 to $100,000. A bail bond allows you to gain bail at a fraction of the cost, usually 10%. Aside from making the process more affordable for people that can’t manage the cash bail price, it is more convenient when working on behalf of a loved one outside of bank opening hours. 

Once we have approved the application, we will post bail on behalf of the defendant and guarantee their attendance at future court hearings. Following this, you simply make the payments of the 10% premium as agreed with our veteran owned bail bonds agency. In the meantime, the defendant can work on building a defense with help from a local attorney.

Better still, we have bilingual advisors who can help you in English or Spanish. 

Contact us now

If you require the services of a bail bonds company in Southern California, the truth is that you have no time to waste. Call us now at 619-760-2222. Together, we’ll get your loved one out of jail in no time.