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February 15, 2020  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

Understanding the bail process can be difficult, especially with most websites using complicated terms that only a lawyer understands. At Balboa Bail Bonds, our mission is to help you and your loved ones get out of jail as fast as possible, and education is important in making this happen.

How and When is My Bail Amount set?

Your bail amount will be set by a judge at a preliminary hearing, usually within 24 to 48 hours after an arrest. Counties often have predetermined bail amounts for various crimes, although a judge must make a personal decision in each case. Judges consider several factors when deciding how much your bail will be:

  • The severity of the alleged crime
  • Any criminal history
  • Anything that would make you less likely to flee, such as a home, job, family, etc.

What’s the Difference Between Bail and Bond?

The word “bail” has two common meanings:

  • An amount of money set by the court that, if provided, will release you from prison with the promise that you will attend all court hearings, your trial, and comply with court orders. This amount of money is intended to guarantee your good behavior.
  • The money itself that you pay the court for your release.

If you pay the bail amount, the money will be returned to you once the trial is over, regardless of whether you are found innocent or guilty.

The word “bond” means a written guarantee that a third party (such as a bail bond agency) provides to the court to get you released instead of paying cash for bail. This guarantee is a service provided by bail bond agents, such as Balboa Bail Bonds.

Why Should I Hire a Bail Bond Agent?

Paying a cash bail can be impossible for many of us, as most people don’t have thousands of dollars laying around. Even if you do have it, that money you pay the court will be tied up for weeks or months while your trial proceeds.

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we require only a 10% fee to take care of it for you – no other cash involved. We get you out of jail fast and work with you throughout your trial to answer questions and provide any help you need.

How Long Does It Take to Bail Someone Out?

Getting someone out of jail on bail can usually be done in a matter of hours, though sometimes a full day is needed if many arrests were made in a short period of time.

Will I Have to Pay the Full Amount if I’m Found Guilty?

If you show up to court and follow all instructions, you will not have to pay the full amount, regardless of whether you are found innocent or guilty. A bail agreement only lasts until your trial or court proceedings are over.

What Happens If I Don’t Show Up?

If you don’t show up after you’ve been released on bail, your bail may be forfeit – meaning you will have to pay the full amount of your bail. However, our agents at Balboa Bail Bonds are experts at preventing your bond from being forfeit as long as you stay in regular and honest communication.

What is Collateral and Will I Need It?

Collateral is property, such as a car, house, jewelry, etc. that you legally sign over to a bail bond agency as a guarantee that you will show up to court. Most bond agencies require collateral, as the bond agency will have to pay the full amount to the court if you fail to appear as required. At Balboa Bail Bonds, we do not usually require collateral from our clients unless the circumstances warrant it.