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July 8, 2019  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

Getting arrested and being held in jail for an alleged crime is a serious and scary matter. Being suspected of a crime can not only be traumatic for the arrestee, but for the arrestee’s friends and loved ones as well. When in holding, once the booking process is completed, bail amounts will be set based on the circumstances of the alleged offense or by a judge depending on what charges are being brought forth by law enforcement.

Most people do not have the funds readily available to cover the entirety of the bail amount to get released from jail and await trial. This is where the San Diego bail bond agents of Balboa Bail Bonds can assist you. But what is a bail bonds agent, and what can we do to help you and a loved one through the difficult process of posting bail?

What Is a Bail Bond Agent?

A bail bonds agent (or bail bondsman) is a representative of a bail bonds agency or an individual acting independently who presents bail to a court to affect the release of an arrestee, who would be held in jail until his or her trial date if said bail is not paid. These services are made possible by contractual agreements that are arranged with the courts in both the county and state in which the bondsman does business.

Every bail bonds agent in California is licensed and regulated by the California Department of Insurance. The California Department of Insurance sets up the rules, regulations, and fee structures that bail agencies must follow. A quality bail bond agent will take on your case and do everything they can to finalize your release quickly and efficiently.

A Simpler and Faster Way

Working with a bail agent can help to give you and your family peace of mind during the complex process of posting bail. Bail bonds agents have an intimate familiarity with the local court systems and the bail bonds industry.

We are allowed access to securities so we can issue a bond at all hours. It does not matter if it is noon or midnight—a licensed bail bond agent can post bail for an individual at any time. No one wants to be in jail a minute longer than they have to be, so the more efficient the bail agents are, the better it is for you and your family. Here at Balboa Bail Bonds, we hire top-notch people who know the business inside and out, and who can handle their jobs with professionalism and the expertise you deserve.

Taking Out a Bail Bond from a Bail Agent

The major misconception about working with a bail bond agent is that it means you must take out a loan to pay the bail, but this is actually not the case. In fact, the bail bond agent simply charges a percentage of the amount of bail set, typically 10%. Once the percentage is paid, the bail bond agent posts the bail for the arrestee in question. This premium represents the bail bondman’s fee and is not returned to the client when the defendant has his or her day in court.

Need Bail Posted in San Diego, Orange, or Riverside? Call Balboa Bail Bonds!

If you or a loved one needs assistance with bail, Balboa Bail Bonds is here to help. When you contact our office, you will speak with our veteran bail agents, who are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service in the bail industry. We will explain every step of the process as it relates to your specific case, and we will treat you with the compassion you deserve during this incredibly stressful time. We are dedicated to helping you from your initial call, extending throughout the whole life of your case.

Contact us at (619)-760-2222 to see how we can help you today!

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