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November 2, 2023  |  Posted by jesse  |  Bail Bonds

Many things can happen when you obtain a bail bond. In an ideal world, a bail bond will cover your bail amount and you’ll attend all court hearings. Once the case is over, the bail bondsman receives the bail amount back in their account from the court. You paid your fee for the bail bond and everyone can happily go their separate ways. 

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always pan out how you expect or hope. Things might happen during an individual’s court case, meaning a bond can be surrendered. In this post, we’ll explain what bond surrendering means, and what happens when a bond is surrendered.

What Is Bond Surrendering?

Bond surrender is when someone gives up their rights to a bail bond. As a result, they are no longer responsible for the bond and will not have to pay it. 

There are two common instances of bond surrender: 

  • Co-signer surrender – This is when the co-signer of a bond withdraws from the bail bond and removes any financial liability. They do this by contacting the bail bond agency and canceling their obligations. As such, they are no longer responsible for any future bail costs. 
  • Bond agency surrender – The other instance is when a bail bond agency surrenders a bond. Here, they remove themselves from the bail agreement and are no longer responsible for the client’s bail payment.

What Happens When A Bond Is Surrendered?

If a co-signer surrenders a bond, they have to contact the bail bond agency. From here, the agency contacts the court and explains the situation, so the co-signer is freed from financial obligations. In some cases, they may be charged a fee for this. 

When the bail bondsman surrenders a bond, things are slightly more complicated. Again, they communicate with the court to ensure their financial obligations are removed. After this, they are responsible for getting the individual to court. They can use bounty hunters or work with local law enforcement to locate the person and arrest them. When the person is arrested and in jail, the bail bondsman is absolved of the bail and will not have to pay any money. 

It’s worth noting that bail bond companies often have to forfeit and refund their fee if they surrender a bond as they technically didn’t see it through. For this reason, bond surrender is usually seen as a last resort. 

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