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June 6, 2023  |  Posted by jesse  |  Bail Bonds

The concept of bail bonds may be similar across the country, but the specifics of how they work differ from state to state, and even from county to county. If you are in San Diego County, there are some things that you should know about bail bonds before organizing one for either yourself or someone you know. The process of securing a bail bond is fairly straightforward, so you can get the help that you or a loved one needs quickly. At Balboa Bail Bonds, we are here to give you the support and assistance that you require at any time of the day or week.

When Can You Post a Bail Bond?

If you or a loved one is in jail, you naturally want to secure a release as soon as possible. Paying the bail that has been set, either in cash or with a bond, is the way to do this. Fortunately, bail bonds can be posted 24/7 in San Diego County, 365 days a year. When you need help with bail bonds, there’s no need to wait until business hours or until Monday. Just find a bail bond agency like Balboa Bail Bonds and get in touch to get the process started.

Balboa Bail Bonds is available any time of the day or not to provide free bail information, warrant searches, free bail price quotes, and free bail consultations. Contact us when you need help to get the information you need or arrange a further consultation with one of our agents. There’s no need to wait.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in San Diego County?

Bail bonds in San Diego County cost a maximum of 10% of the total bail amount. This is a non-refundable fee that is paid to the bail bond company for their services. The bail bond company then covers the rest of the bail amount. The full amount would only have to be paid by you (or your bail bond agreement co-signer) if the defendant fails to turn up in court after being released.

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we’re proud to offer the lowest prices and additional benefits such as military discounts, 0% interest financing payment plans, and as little as no money down and no collateral in most cases. We can help to ease the financial burden of posting bail.

How Can You Find a Licensed Bail Agency?

San Diego County posts lists of approved and licensed bail agencies in the jail for defendants to call. Loved ones can also find licensed bail agencies online with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. As a licensed bail bond agency, you will find Balboa Bail Bonds on this list and can contact us at any time for information or help with the bail process.

A bail bond agent must have an ID card that confirms their status as a bail bond agent with the California Department of Insurance, as well as a valid state driver’s license or identification card to confirm their identity when they deliver a bail bond.

Completing a Bail Bond Agreement

To secure a bail bond for yourself or a loved one in San Diego County, you will need to complete a bail bond agreement. First, you will talk to a bail bond agent about the specifics of the case and discuss the terms and conditions of the bail bond. When the defendant signs a bail bond agreement, they agree to show up to all of their court dates. If they don’t, they might have to pay other fees and penalties. Many people use a co-signer, who will be responsible for the defendant after they are released from jail. They will be responsible for the full amount of the bail if the defendant fails to go to court.

Part of the bail agreement is paying a Premium, which is the fee paid to bail bond agents. This is typically 10% of the total bail bond amount. At Balboa Bail Bonds, we never charge you more than this. After the bail bond agreement has been signed and the Premium has been paid, bail can be posted. Our agents are available 24/7 so that you can pay the Premium at any time.

How Long Does It Take for a Bail Bond to Clear?

Balboa Bail Bonds is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can post bail for you in San Diego 24/7. Bail is accepted once the individual’s booking process at the jail has been completed. In the San Diego County Jails, bail can be accepted between 6 am and 3 am the next day. It can be accepted up until 3 am on the day of the defendant’s scheduled court day. Bonds are processed right away and individually entered into the computer system. The jail will check everything for accuracy and the bond will be forwarded to the court after the defendant has been released.

Keep in mind that bail can’t be accepted for anyone who is in court or who is en route to court. Bail needs to be paid before 3 am on the scheduled court date.

How Do You Find Out Someone’s Custody Status in San Diego?

After someone has been arrested, they will undergo the booking process when their details will be entered into the county jail system. This then makes it possible to check their name against the records and find out what their current status is. Contacting a bail bond agent is an easy way to find out the status of someone in custody. Bail bond agents in San Diego County use the Who’s in Jail? website to find out details of individuals in jail and the information that they need to post bail. They will also use this system to check if the individual is eligible for release.

When Is the Bail Bond Exonerated?

After bail has been posted and processed, the defendant can be released from jail. The next stage is for them to wait until their court date(s) and make sure that they attend. The bail bond can only be exonerated when they have attended all of their court dates and the trial process is complete. Once this has happened, the bail money is no longer required by the courts because the risk of the defendant not turning up is no longer relevant. All that will need to be paid is the Premium, and possibly other fees that may be due.

Can Bail Be Paid in Cash?

Instead of paying bail with a bail bond, San Diego County also allows defendants to pay their bail in cash. This can include cash or prepaid documents such as cashier’s checks or money orders. However, most people choose to use a bail bond agency to help them post bail. This is due to the often high amounts that bail is set at, which would require a lot of money to pay in cash.

Even if you can afford to pay the full amount, it means that you won’t have access to those funds until the trial is over and it’s returned to you. It can take between 60 and 90 days for the money to be returned after the trial is concluded. A bail bond makes it possible to pay no more than 10% of the total bail amount, which is much more affordable. It also means that your personal cash isn’t tied up in a bond while you wait potentially months or even longer to get it back.

How Should You Choose a Bail Bond Agency in San Diego County?

When you look at the list of bail bond agencies available in San Diego County, you might wonder about how to choose one. There are several things that you can look for to help you make the best choice.

Firstly, it’s a good idea to check online reviews. This lets you know about the experiences that other people have had when dealing with an agency, and whether they were positive. It’s a good idea to look for established agencies with plenty of experience, even though there are some independent agents who offer their services.

The next thing you might want to consider is the cost. Look for 0% financing if you want to be able to spread the cost of the bail bond fee. You will be able to pay it over several months without having to pay any interest, making it easier to pay. You can also look for discounted prices to help you save further. Many agencies, including Balboa Bail Bonds, offer military discounts or charge less than 10% of the total bail bond amount. 

Look for services that are available 24/7 too. This will mean you won’t be waiting and worrying. You can start dealing with the issue right away. Balboa Bail Bonds is available at all hours, 365 days a year. When you need help with bail bonds, call us at any time to receive information or arrange a consultation. We are always available for you to make payments too.