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September 5, 2019  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

To post bail, all you need is enough cash. Cash bail will require giving the full amount to the clerk of the court or to the agency that arrested you. Your money will be held until your case is over, after which it will be returned to you – but expect a long wait. It can take up to three months to get your cash returned to you. Keep in mind, if you fail to appear at a court date, your money will be forfeited, gone forever.

Why Post Bail with a Bail Bonds Company?

The problem with posting a cash bond is that you lose access to your money. Most people find that using a bail bond company is far more practical – and safe. We invite you to secure your release with a bail bond arranged through Balboa Bail Bonds where the process is streamlined to make it less stressful on you and your family. All of our bail bond agents are bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish, and none of them are rookies – they know the bail business cold.

The Pitfalls of Cash Bail

After an arrest, you will have a court appearance, usually within 24 hours. At this appearance, the amount of bail is typically determined. You have the option to pay with cash – but is that the best decision? You will have no access to your savings while the case moves through the system. The state and federal court systems can be very slow. A trial date may be moved forward several times, with the process stretching out for months, or even years for more serious criminal cases. Rather than losing access to your own money, it may be far more prudent to take advantage of the ability to get a bail bond with the help of Balboa Bail Bonds in San Diego.

Posting Cash Bail – Will You Get Your Money Back?

Another problem can arise with cash bail – if it is believed that the funds you used to pay bail were acquired through illegal means, they may hold onto your money, and you may never see it again. This process is called a “1275 hold.” If you are accused of committing a drug crime, you are at risk of losing your bail money, even if you show up for all court appearances. All it takes is a sworn statement from a police officer or the prosecutor that says he or she has “probable cause” to believe the money was obtained illegally – or the judge makes that decision. In any drug crime case, you will be far safer getting your release with the help of Balboa Bail Bonds.

The Charges Were Dropped – What About My Cash?

It is a big relief when the charges are dropped – but what about the cash bail you paid? Don’t expect the court to hand it over to you! The court will issue an order to have the bail money returned, but it may take many weeks before you see a check arrive in your mailbox, even when the charges were dropped. It is far better to work with Balboa Bail Bonds, as we take care of it all, for you.

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