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Bail bonds are a form of surety bond, which can be used to release a person from jail or police custody. A bail bond company pledges funds on behalf of an individual as a guarantee that they will attend the required court proceedings and dates. If you find yourself in a situation where a family member needs your help to post bail, and you can’t afford to put the funds up yourself, you can contact a bail bond agency. Bail bonds are used commonly in San Diego and across the US, but many people have questions about how they work and what they are. Misconceptions about bail bonds are common.

In this guide to bail bonds, we’ll bust some common myths and offer explanations to provide you with accurate information. If you’ve heard rumors about bail bonds, or you’re not sure whether contacting a bail bond company in San Diego is a viable option for you, this article should prove useful. 

Common misconceptions about bail bonds in San Diego

If you’re not familiar with bail bonds, or you’ve never contacted a bail bonds company before, you may be relying on information from online resources or stories you’ve heard from others or seen in magazines or on TV. There are lots of common myths and misconceptions about bail bonds. If you’re thinking about getting in touch with a San Diego bail bond agent, it’s wise to ensure that you have access to accurate information and you understand what the process entails and how it could benefit you and the individual on whose behalf you are acting. 

Here are some of the most popular myths about bail bonds in San Diego:

1. Bail bonds are expensive

One of the most common misconceptions about bail bonds is that they are expensive. Many people may not even think about approaching a bail bond company because they assume that it will be too costly. In reality, bail bonds may be a lot more affordable than you think. If you’re expecting to pay huge fees, or you’re worried about being able to use specific payment types, you may be pleasantly surprised. 

At Balboa Bail Bonds, we strive to ensure that our services are as accessible and affordable as possible. We want to help people in San Diego to post bail and provide relief for their relatives and loved ones. We offer a wide range of payment options and we can finance almost anyone who has a job or collateral. If you are employed, or you have collateral, we can help you. Our payment options include:

  • Credit cards (online or via telephone)
  • Debit cards (online or via telephone)
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfers
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Venmo
  • Zelle

We offer 0% interest financing and flexible payment plans, and we also provide discounts. We do not charge posting fees, processing fees or mobile service fees. It is currently illegal in the State of California to pay a bail bond premium that exceeds 10% of the bail amount. When you speak to a bail bond agent, they will give you a total premium amount and discuss payment options with you, including interest-free finance plans. 

Discounts are available for military personnel and veterans, as well as individuals who are clients of private San Diego attorneys. For details of discounts and rebates, contact Balboa Bail Bonds

2. You need to wait until court to be released or post bail

It is often assumed that you need to wait until you appear in court to be released or post bail, but in the majority of cases, this is simply not true. Most people will be able to post bail within hours of being arrested in San Diego. If you are arrested by the police, you can secure your release on bail without having to spend the night behind bars in jail or wait for days to get a court date. 

As well as helping to ease the anxiety associated with spending time in jail or a detention facility, there are legal benefits to posting bail early. These include:

  • Avoiding an immigration hold: if your immigration status is in question, posting bail early can help to eliminate the risk of an immigration hold
  • Avoiding parole
  • Avoiding probation holds
  • Avoiding out-of-state warrant holds
  • Avoiding increased bail costs if the court finds out that the individual faces multiple charges, or they have a record of previous offenses
  • Avoiding PC1275 holds: a PC 1275 hold relates to a hold placed on an individual’s bail status due to concerns over the legitimacy of bail funds. This may be the case if there is a suspicion that an individual has posted bail using money generated by criminal activity, for example. 
  • Allowing more time to find an attorney: if you are facing legal charges, it’s important to seek legal counsel and make sure that you have confidence in the legal team that is going to defend you. If you have a short period of time between arrest and appearing in court, this limits the ability to research firms and find the right attorney. Posting bail before the arraignment (the first court date) allows more time to find an attorney, as the court date will usually be given within a few weeks, rather than days. This will give you more time to contact attorneys, find out more about different firms in San Diego and carry out research. Having more time to search for and appoint an attorney will also enable you to prepare a better defense for your case. 

3. Collateral is required for bail bonds

It’s common for people to think that they need collateral to secure a bail bond in San Diego. In some cases, collateral is needed, but in San Diego, the majority of people can access bail bonds without any collateral. In most cases, all the individual has to do is fill in a few forms and pay a small fee to the bail bond company. 

Balboa Bail Bonds bail bond agents evaluate the need for collateral on a case-by-case basis. If you are required to provide collateral, the agent will explain the options to you so that you understand what types you can use and how much you will need to provide in terms of the value of the collateral. The most common type of collateral people use to secure bail bonds is real estate. 

4. You need to hire an attorney before you can post bail

Have you heard that you need to hire an attorney before you can post bail in San Diego? This is a misconception. Most people who want to post bail in San Diego can do so without consulting an attorney beforehand. It is very common to post bail first and then start looking for an attorney. 

There are two key advantages to posting bail before you start working with an attorney. These include:

  1. Allowing more time to find an attorney and work on your defense: one of the most significant benefits of posting bail early is allowing more time to find an attorney and giving them time to work on your defense. If you post bail when you are arrested, your attorney will have more time to access reports and warrants, research the case in detail, gather evidence and talk to the district attorney’s office. The better prepared the attorney, the higher the chances of securing a positive outcome. 
  2. Reducing costs: in some cases, posting bail before you hire an attorney can also save money by giving the attorney more time to work on the case. Taking on cases at short notice may carry a premium. 

What to do if you’re thinking about contacting a bail bond agent

If you’re thinking about contacting a bail bond agent, but you’re unsure whether it is the right decision, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experienced bail bond agents at Balboa Bail Bonds. Our advisers are on hand to answer questions, provide information and offer advice based on your individual circumstances. We can offer recommendations and give you more information about bail bond premiums, financing and payment options and the advantages of posting bail early. If you have any queries, or you’d like to speak to a bail bond agent before proceeding, we’re here to help. 


Bail bonds are surety bonds, which can be used to secure the release on bail of a person who has been arrested. Many people cannot afford to post bail for loved ones and they use bail bond companies as an alternative. There are many common misconceptions about bail bonds. If you’re not familiar with bail bonds, or you haven’t used a bail bond company in the past, you may assume that it’s expensive, you need collateral, or you have to wait to post bail. In reality, in most cases, it is simple and affordable to access bail bonds and there is no need to wait for a court date or hire an attorney before posting bail. 

If you’d like to find out more about bail bonds in San Diego, CA, contact Balboa Bail Bonds today. 

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