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September 19, 2021  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Crime

In Orange County, the Sheriff’s Department is responsible for booking people arrested for crimes into jails. It provides complete records of individuals who have been recently booked or released from jail. To find out if someone has been arrested in Orange County, you can go to the Sheriff’s Department website and use the inmate lookup tool. You can search these records by name, age, and gender for information about a person who is currently in custody or has been released within the past 30 days. If your loved one has been recently arrested, you may also find details about custody and who issued the arrest warrant.

How Are Orange County Arrest Records Used?

Orange County keeps official arrest records of every person taken into custody because of alleged involvement in a crime. Arrest records are not allowed to be included in defendants’ criminal records unless and until the person is actually convicted of the crime. These records contain personal information on the individual who was arrested, including name, date of birth, and gender. They also include the date and place of arrest and the details of the alleged crime.

How Do You Get Someone Out of Jail in Orange County?

Most people who are arrested and booked into jail are required to post bail before they can be released. If your goal is to help someone get out of jail, you will need to:

  • Find out if that person has been arrested
  • Find out where (which jail) the person is being held
  • Post the required amount of bail money
  • Arrange for the person to be released

We can assist you with every step of the process. Tracking down inmates is only one of the many services we offer.

  • We can find out in a matter of minutes if your loved one has been arrested and where he or she is being held.
  • Depending on the alleged offense, bail can be set at many thousands of dollars. When you work with us, we post a security bond for the full amount of the bail, and you only pay us a 10% non-refundable premium.
  • Our bail bond agents each have five to 10 years of experience. We know how the system works and what to do to get your loved one released from jail as soon as possible.

What Happens if You Don’t Have the Amount of the Premium?

We are compassionate professionals who make sure our clients do not overpay for bail. Your only expense with us is the 10% premium. We do not charge posting fees, processing fees, or mobile service fees. The courts deliberately set bail amounts high, to discourage defendants from skipping out on trial. Depending on the alleged crime, bail may be set at many thousands of dollars. For some people, it may be difficult to come up with the premium, even at a fraction of the total bail amount. In these situations, we offer flexible payment plans and work with you in getting your loved one released from jail.

Why Choose Balboa Bail Bonds?

Unlike some bail bond companies, Balboa Bail Bonds is here to help. We treat our clients with the respect and compassion they need and deserve during a tough time. We are open 24/7/365, including holidays, and there is always a live person to answer the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash, check, or money order. Our bail agents are professional and experienced, and we know what we are doing. Call us at (619) 760-2222 if you need to find out if someone was arrested in Orange County.