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October 21, 2022  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

Being arrested is a terrible experience to say the least. Sometimes it can be downright frightening, after all, you have a lot of uncertainty, and this can take its toll over time. Being arrested when you are out on bond however is far worse, and you may find that the level of uncertainty that you have rockets.  If you are a defendant on this case, then you should know that it is possible for things to change for the worst in a number of ways.

The Old Bond Conditions are Nullified

Bail and bond will have been in place before the new arrest. Conditions like this do not go away, and you still have to make any court appearances for the charges that you have. On top of this, you will have to pay any charges or fees to the bond agent as well. this is where things can get somewhat complicated because new legal proceedings can make it difficult for you prior to your court date. The courts can also choose to revoke bail if they want. If this happens, then you will be on the hook for the original bond. If you look at things from the worst-case scenario perspective then this means that you will be on the hook for the complete value of the original bond, along with any new charges that could be on the way.

The New Terms Can Be Harsher

When you are re-arrested, you will have a new legal case. These cases will probably be married, but you have to be processed for the arrest first. This means that you will have a bail amount to pay on top of the one that you have right now. You may also find that it could be harsher as well. The new bail could well be pricier than the last one and it is not uncommon to see a court deny the bail entirely. Of course, when you look deeper into it, you will soon see that even though bail was posted for the arrest, it is not available right now and this means you will go to jail through the legal process.

It’s Possible for a Deal to be Changed

If a defendant has been offered a plea or a deal by an attorney before, then this will be nullified. It is possible for a prosecutor to offer you a new deal, but this will be revised so that any additional charges can then be accounted for. Of course, changing agreements also apply to the attorney and the defender. At this point, you will have some new charges added in, and this means that defending attorneys can add more to their fees. In some instances, they may choose not to take the case at all. Of course, this can take away the good options that you may have previously had. You also have an increased risk of a much harsher penalty, if you do get convicted.

Your Charges May Compound

When you have more charges brought against the defendant, you will soon see that the risk increases even more. A lot of states have certain laws that essentially add to the minimum sentence when someone is found guilty. The main example of this would be crime, bail and finally, crime. This applies when someone is on bail for a felony case, but they are then arrested for another felony offense. Prosecutors tend to use this method as it means that they can add two years to any conviction. This is contingent on the person being found guilty of both charges. If this is the case then the defendant will serve time for each charge, added together. If you add the crime, bail, and crime on top of this, then you will soon see that it is not hard to turn this into a bad situation as a defendant.

Consequences of Being Re-Arrested while Out on Bond

There are some consequences to being re-arrested. You may find that any settlement negotiations that you once had no longer apply, and it may even be that the settlement negotiations end any negotiations for a plea bargain immediately. You also have the risk of crime, bail, and crime, as mentioned above.  This can severely compromise your case and it puts you in a very weak position when it comes to talking about your case and the potential outcome that you may be looking for.

Ultimately, it’s important to know that if you do get arrested while you are out on bond, then this automatically translates to some very bad news. You may find that everything complicates, and this can make it incredibly difficult for you to walk away without any jail time whatsoever. There have been instances where the new bail is set, and the defendant then has the chance to stay out of jail while the legal proceedings take place.

If you, or someone you know gets arrested, then it is imperative that you hire the right kind of help. If you don’t then you may find that you end up serving more time than you need, or that you simply do not have the right kind of representation to secure the result you need for a loved one.

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