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If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime, you simply cannot afford to take risks with the process of securing your freedom. This guide to frequently asked questions about bail bonds in San Diego will ensure that you can make a calculated decision.

Here at Balboa Bail Bonds, we provide fast and affordable bail bond services to defendants throughout San Diego. Here’s everything you need to know about bail bonds in America’s Finest City.

Why does posting bail exist in San Diego?

When a person is arrested in the State of California, there may be a delay of up to 85 days (although often around 30 days) between their first arraignment and the trial date. By posting bail, the defendant can be released from jail until their trial starts. 

Whether the defendant is guilty or innocent, spending time behind bars can have catastrophic impacts. Posting bail allows defendants to get back to their daily activities and prepare for their trial by securing the best attorney for their case.

To post bail, the defendant must pay money (or use properties as collateral) to the courts. Assuming that the defendant satisfies their bail conditions, the bail fee will be returned once the trial has ended regardless of the outcome.

How much is bail set in California?

The exact bail amount in San Diego and the wider California region is determined by several factors. The type of crime, severity of the crime, and whether the defendant has a past criminal history can all influence the fee. 

Each county has its own bail fee structure. When arrested in San Diego, though, the bail figure is likely to be upwards of $20,000 even for less severe crimes. More serious felonies may result in a six or even seven-figure bail amount

Why do the courts in California set bail so high?

A large bail fee serves as insurance for the courts and serves as a deterrent to any defendant that may have considered taking flight. If the defendant fails to attend their hearings, their bail fee will be surrendered. Most people won’t want to lose $20,000+.

So, how does a bail bond work in San Diego?

Knowing how bail bonds work is the most vital of all frequently asked questions about bail bonds in San Diego. It is a simple contract between the defendant (you or your loved one) and the bail bonds company (Balboa Bail Bonds). 

The defendant (or their representative) will pay a premium that is equivalent to 10% of the cash bail fee set by the courts. In return, the bail bondsman will pay the full amount to the courts, which will subsequently secure the defendant’s release from jail.

Following this, the defendant will be required to meet their bail conditions as normal. The bonds company’s money is at risk as they will have assured the courts that the defendant will satisfy the demands. The agreement is essentially in place until the trial date.

What are the benefits of using a bail bondsman?

First and foremost, finding $20,000 or more following an arrest in San Diego is very difficult. Even if you technically have this amount of capital available, gaining quick access while you’re in custody is hard, especially if the arrest takes place outside of business hours.

A bail bondsman reduces a $20,000 cost to a $2,000 cost. Meanwhile, a local bail bonds company that has good working relationships with the courts and San Diego jails will ensure that the legal procedures are completed in the fastest time. This means a quicker release.

Furthermore, a bail bondsman’s experience will be telling. It helps the process progress smoothly while simultaneously providing the peace of mind you deserve. In turn, this allows you to start planning your defense while also getting your life commitments in order.

What if I can’t pay the full bail bonds fee right now?

If your bail has been set to $100,000, for example, that still leaves you with a $10,000 expense. Here at Balboa Bail Bonds, we believe that defendants deserve their freedom between now and their trial date, which is why we offer a range of financing solutions.

Our flexible financing options allow you to repay the bail bond fee over the coming weeks and months while also opening the door to alternative routes like using collateral or a co-signer. So, defendants can stop worrying about the bail fee and focus on their case.

It is also a great option for loved ones as the financial obligation can be passed over to the defendant once they are out of jail. In many cases, as long as you pass our eligibility checks, it will even be possible to secure a release with an immediate payment of 0% or 1%.

Will the bail bonds company return the premium?

No. A bail bondsman charges the premium in return for posting the full bail amount on behalf of the defendant. This means that the bonds company is held responsible for ensuring that the defendant satisfies their bail conditions and is at potential financial risk.

Whether you’re a defendant that cannot pay the full bail amount right now or you’re a loved one / co-signer that does not want to take on the risk, the 10% premium (which is a standard charge for all bail bonds companies) is a very fair exchange.

And what happens if I choose to post bail myself?

If you have the funds available to post the cash bail fee by yourself, this is an option you may wish to take. The benefit of this is that you will not have to pay the 10% fee to a bondsman. However, you will have to wait up to 90 days for a refund after the trial completion.

It should also be noted that the courts may deduct fines and court costs from the returned fee. So, it’s likely that you will still have paid out some money. Moreover, not having a bail bonds company on your side will increase the risk of making costly errors.

What type of crime can a bail bond agreement be used for?

The vast majority of defendants are eligible for bail, although there are a small number of serious crimes where this is not possible. If the courts state that a cash bail fee is eligible, then it will be possible for you to post bail via a bail bondsman.

Not all agents will cover every type of offense. Balboa Bail Bonds can relate to bail for assault, bail for DV cases, bail for DUIs, bail for corporal injury, and much more. The type of case will not impact the 10% premium rate either.

Can a bail bond be used following an arrest when already on bail?

If a defendant is accused of a separate crime whilst out on bail, you will need to complete the booking process and bail process in the same way. You can post bail for the second crime, but will only be released if all bail fees against your name have been settled.

What happens if my bail conditions are not met in California?

When posting bail, defendants (or their representatives) don’t only have to pay the fee. They also have to agree to their bail conditions. For starters, they will need to attend hearings (not necessarily all) relating to their case. 

Other conditions may include wearing a SCRAM device following a DUI, staying within the borders of California, giving up firearms, and having no contact with relevant parties. If you fail to satisfy those conditions, severe consequences may follow.

The judge can put out a warrant for your arrest, meaning you will then need to stay in custody until your trial date. Meanwhile, the bail fee will be lost. When a defendant flees, bounty hunters may be needed to locate the person and bring them back to jail.

Why choose Balboa Bail Bonds in San Diego?

Deciding to use a bail bonds company, through choice or necessity, is the first step to making the best of this bad situation. However, choosing the right bail bonds company in America’s Finest City is essential if you want to enjoy a smooth process. 

Balboa Bail Bonds is the best solution. Our local presence means we can act quickly to secure fast, flexible, and affordable bail releases. Meanwhile, we are open 24/7/365, thus allowing you to gain the help of an experienced and licensed bondsman at any time.

We also pride ourselves on offering a discrete and confidential service that can be used for any type of bail bond. From first-time misdemeanors to major felonies, if a defendant is eligible for bail, our agency will provide the appropriate services.

How can I use your bail bonds services in San Diego?

If you need to get yourself or a loved one out of jail following an arrest in San Diego, Balboa Bail Bonds is here to help. We offer a free consultation and a personalized service to secure your freedom in the quickest and most affordable way. To get started, call us now.


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