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November 11, 2021  |  Posted by Balboa Bail Bonds Team  |  Bail Bonds

In some murder cases, defendants are detained in jail without bail until trial, and they are either acquitted and released or convicted and sentenced to prison. In other cases, bail for murder is set at $1 million. A murder case is reviewed closely and evaluated for the threat if the accused person makes bail. Other crimes for which $1 million bail is set include high net-worth white collar crimes, such as fraud or money laundering. Generally, factors judges consider in denying or setting bail include:

How Much Will a $1 Million Bond Really Cost You in California?

In California, the premium for bail bonds is set at 10%. This is a non-refundable percentage of the entire bail amount. If your bail is $1 million, your costs with a bail bondsman will be $100,000. You will not get this money back, whether you are found guilty or not guilty, or enter into a plea bargain. With some bail bond agents, you may be charged posting, processing, or mobile service fees. We only charge our clients the 10% premium established under state law – never any additional fees.

What Might a $1 Million Bond Reveal About How the Court Sees You?

Judges set $1 million bonds when they consider that the defendant may be a flight risk. They also set this high amount of bail for defendants with substantial assets who have been charged with serious white collar or financial crimes. The goal is to set bail high enough to give the person incentive to appear in court to recoup the money or to avoid responsibility for the entire bail amount if a bail bondsman is involved.

What Is the Process Involved In a $1 Million Bail Situation?

When bail is set this high, it is not a simple matter of paying a 10% premium. You may need collateral up to the $1 million bond amount. In a situation like this, you need a bail bond agency with experience executing large bail bonds for serious criminal charges, such as murder, trafficking, conspiracy, and fraud.

Our team has specialized experience in using real estate and other assets to collateralize large bail bonds. We assign a senior, licensed bail agent to large bail bond clients to manage the process from beginning to end. When the case is over and the bond is exonerated (by your appearance for all your court dates), all real estate and any collateral used to back the $1 million bond will be returned to you.

Why Choose Balboa Bail Bonds?

  • Each of our bail bonds agents has five to 10 years of experience – we do not have any rookie agents on our team.
  • We are professional and know what we are doing.
  • Our bail bondsmen are friendly and approachable and treat our clients and potential clients with respect.
  • They all speak Spanish fluently.
  • We have veterans on staff and offer discounts for military members and their families.
  • We are fast, affordable, and easy to work with.

If you have been charged with a serious crime and the judge has set a high bond amount such as $1 million, call Balboa Bail Bonds at (619) 760-2222. Our bail bond agency has extensive experience executing large bail bonds. We will assign a senior bail agent to your case as a single point of contact.