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After an Arrest, You Need a Bail Bondsman in Your Corner

One of the premier tourist cities in the U.S., the tied island of Coronado is a luxurious and beautiful location for residents and visitors alike. Accessible via the Coronado Bridge or through Silver Strand State Beach, Coronado’s primary industry is tourism, with the renowned Hotel Del Coronado and other luxury hotels and resorts in the area. It also has Naval Base Coronado, the largest single employer in the city and a training location for the elite U.S. Navy SEALs.

Coronado is also statistically 3.5 times safer than the average city in the U.S.A., and has the lowest crime rate in San Diego County. This is in no small part due to the effective Coronado Police Department, staffed by 67 paid employees and 40 volunteers. The downside is that with pride in a safe city comes more proactive police action and arrests at the hint of a crime.

If you are suspected of violating the law, you can be arrested and charged with a crime. While it is true that you are “innocent until proven guilty,” being arrested automatically puts you in complicated and drawn-out legal proceedings – a worrisome experience.

Regardless of how or why you were arrested, the process can be very confusing, and each step you take can help or hinder your situation. The best thing to do is to use one of your phone calls to call Balboa Bail Bonds at (619) 760-2222. We can immediately start guiding you through the process of getting your bail set and posted so that you can walk out of jail as soon as possible.

Jails in Coronado

Immediately after being arrested, you will likely be booked and held in the local Coronado City Jail located at 700 Orange Avenue. Typical holding times in low-security local jails are 24 to 48 hours, after which detainees are typically transferred to a larger detention facility.

Bail is generally set after an initial court hearing, and the amount depends on the judge’s evaluation of the severity of the crime, any past criminal history, and your perceived flight risk.

The faster you get your bail set and posted, the better, and if you act quickly enough, you are often able to get this process completed before being transferred to a larger facility. Otherwise, you may end up in the San Diego County Central Jail located at 1173 Front St., San Diego, CA 92101, which is run by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

The Fastest Way to Get Bail Set and Posted

We recommend you call Balboa Bail Bonds at the first possible moment after being taken into custody. We are available 24/7/365, and all of our agents have five to ten years of experience and are bilingual (English and Spanish). No matter when you call, a live person will answer the phone and help guide you through the process.

We offer fast, flexible, and affordable pricing throughout San Diego County. We charge a 10% fee, with special discounts for members of our armed services and their families.

Courthouses in Coronado

Your preliminary hearings and trial will likely be held at the San Diego Central Courthouse located just a few miles away at 1100 Union St, San Diego, CA 92101. You must follow all court instructions and attend all hearings and summons, as doing so will result in your bail bond being “exonerated” – your money returned in full. Assuming that this happens, you will walk away having only paid our 10% fee and will have no other debt.

If something comes up and you miss a hearing or court summons, it is vital that you call us right away, as our agents may be able to prevent your bail from being forfeit.

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