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Being charged with driving under the influence is a scary experience. It can affect your job and relationships, and lead to several serious penalties, from driver’s license suspension to DUI school to months in jail. But when there was an accident, and someone was injured, Southern California courts can impose even harsher penalties. Getting out of jail and back home is paramount to launching a strong defense, but bail for DUIs with injuries can reach as high as $100,000.

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Understanding California’s DUI Laws

Most Californians know that they can be charged with a DUI if they are arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08%. But as defined under California Vehicle Code 23153 VC, a DUI with injury applies when a defendant is charged with causing bodily injury to another person while operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

After most accidents involving alcohol use, the police will automatically arrest one driver for a DUI, even if this driver was not at fault for the collision. Beating a charge like this – and avoiding the serious consequences of a conviction – requires the support of your attorney, family, and friends, but that can be hard to receive while you’re behind bars.

The Consequences of a DUI With Injuries

California has some of the most complicated DUI laws in the country. A court will not only look at the factors in your case, but also your criminal record and BAC test results to determine how it will punish you. Generally, if this is your first offense, then a DUI with injuries will be treated as a wobbler, meaning you can face either a misdemeanor or felony charge.

A misdemeanor DUI with injury can result in:

  • Up to one year in county jail;
  • Up to $1,000 in fines;
  • Up to 30 months in an alcohol education program
  • A license suspension for at least one year
  • Informal probation for up to five years

In contrast, a felony DUI conviction will lead to:

  • Up to four years in state prison;
  • Up to $5,000 in fines;
  • Up to 30 months in an alcohol education program
  • A license revocation for up to five years
  • Formal probation for up to five years

These penalties can be enhanced if a victim suffered a great bodily injury or you had a BAC of 0.10% or higher.

How Is Bail Set for DUIs?

After an individual is arrested and charged with a DUI, the court will schedule a bail hearing to determine if the individual can be released on bail. Unless there is a high risk of you injuring someone else, the court will allow you to be released on bail. However, if your case involved an injury, then the court will likely demand a high amount of bail.

A judge will look at several factors when determining bail, including:

  • Rules outlined by the California bail schedule
  • Whether your charge is a misdemeanor or felony
  • The need for public safety
  • The likelihood that you will “jump bail” or flee the state or county
  • Aggravating factors to your case like previous charges, where the accident took place (in a construction zone, etc.), or whether a victim suffered a great bodily injury

Depending on the judge’s assessment, your bail will be decreased or increased from the amount listed on the bail schedule. Counties in Southern California have their own bail schedules for a DUI with injury.

In San Diego County, bail for a DUI with injury can be set at:

  • Misdemeanor: $20,000
  • Felony: $100,000

For Riverside County, bail is set at:

  • Misdemeanor: $2,125 - $4,175
  • Felony: $50,000

Lastly, Orange County bail for a DUI with injury is:

  • Misdemeanor: $25,000
  • Felony: $100,000

Trust in an Experienced Bail Bond Agent

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